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Updated: 1 December 2023
Saddleworth Morris Men invite yourself and your side to attend the Rushcart in 2024, on Friday 23rd August to Sunday 25th August ( the Bank Holiday weekend ). We have a get together on the Friday...Read more
Updated: 1 December 2023
As up-to-date as our searches can discover of members Yuletide "traditional" events. If we've missed yours, please email me webeditor [at] themorrisring.orgRead more
Updated: 30 November 2023
New Year's Day We've worked our way through the entries and flagged those that usually happen with TBC if there's nothing on-line yet. If we've missed you or can confirm your event, shout out...Read more
Updated: 18 November 2023
The fabulous Thaxted weekend of dance will be held on its traditional weekend in 2024, from Friday 31st May until Sunday 2nd of June. The festivities kick off on the Friday evening with welcome food...Read more
Updated: 17 November 2023
A home for Area Reps publications - plenty of room for your area's newsletters ...Read more
Updated: 17 November 2023
Just published by the Bagman including important information - every club with a bank account is going to have to register with the Trust Registration Service (TRS) !Read more
Updated: 17 November 2023
News and views from elsewhere in the Morris Ring worldRead more
Updated: 16 November 2023
Cecil Sharp and the Quest for Folk Song and Dance a new biography by David Sutcliffe I have been asked to review this recently published book by "one of our own". David is a freelance researcher with...Read more
Updated: 16 November 2023
These links are provided as a service rather than endorsements, but they are ones we believe should be of interest to the morris world at large. We hope they will continue to receive your support.Read more
Toby Melville - Sidmouth 2023
Updated: 12 November 2023
Probably the best Cotswold morris workshop in the UK is changing for 2024. This year it will be for a single day, in the usual venue, Sutton Bonington near Nottingham, on Saturday January 20th. We'll...Read more
Updated: 25 October 2023
Morris Ring ARM, Oak Farm Hotel, Hatherton, 2nd March 2024 Notice is hereby given that the ARM will be at its customary location of Oak Farm Hotel, Hatherton (Watling St, Cannock WS11 1SB)...Read more
Updated: 24 October 2023
Open to all budding or experienced Fools, Beasts and Morris Characters from any team from the Ring, Open or Federation, or independent. A truly JMO event. This year Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men are...Read more
Updated: 20 October 2023
Joint Morris Organisations 20th Anniversary Day of Dance in London Tours: The morning tour spots are unchanged but the afternoon schedule has been reworked and some new tour spots added so please re-...Read more
Updated: 18 October 2023
The OWBMM ex-squires group have finalised arrangements for the 2023 tour, their 48th but their 50th year since formation! Do read the attached PDF file. There is an important deadline for returning a...Read more
Updated: 8 August 2023
OUR COMMITMENT TO SAFEGUARDING Everyone who participates in morris dancing is entitled to do so in an enjoyable and safe environment. This applies to everybody, but particularly to those legally...Read more
Updated: 7 August 2023
Ripley Morris welcome you to the Joint Morris Organisations Regional Day of Dance to celebrate the exemption of “morris dancing” from the Licensing Act 2003 to be held in Belper on 9th September 2023.Read more
Updated: 9 July 2023
As a Squire of the Morris Ring you get to watch a lot of dancing. Most is of it is of a reasonable standard, but there are very few who ‘get it right’ as a matter of course and most clubs can improve...Read more
Updated: 4 July 2023
JMO-Recruitment-Workshop-Summary-2023.pdf Recruitment is always a hot topic for morris sides/teams. The JMO (*) hosted a panel from across all 3 morris organisations, to share their tips and...Read more
Updated: 4 July 2023
Including minutes of the 2023 ARMRead more
Picture from 2021 Celebration.
Updated: 15 June 2023
Extracted from Adelaide Morris Men's press release ...Read more