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29 Jun 2018

2018 Whitchurch Morris Men will be celebrating our 70th Anniversary of formation. From the small beginning of two families of brothers, who enjoyed country dancing, thinking they would like to give Morris Dancing a try, and progressing so well that Whitchurch MM were elected to join the Morris Ring in 1949, the side is still thriving and attempting to promote the Morris, and demonstrate good dancing, and fun!

8 Jun 2018

The Hartley Morris Men will be holding their annual Ale over the weekend 8th-10th June 2018.
Our weekend Ales have always taken the format of a ‘traditional’ Ring Meeting (but without a Church service) so as with our 2017 event we are happy to again run it as one in 2018, to which all Morris Ring sides are invited to attend.

Just published by the Bagman, the January 2018 edition of The Newsletter

New Year's Day is becoming an increasingly popular "tradition" adding to the activities surrounding 12th Night and Plough Monday. These are the events we are aware of - there's still time to add your side's activity if we've missed it.

The Morris Shop web site has been rebuilt and is ready to resume normal service.

These are the Yuletide and Christmas events we are aware of, and I've dug as deep as the interweb will allow! If we've missed yours, or wish to add more information, please contact the web editor.

Following the closing of the nominations for Officers of the Morris Ring, I'm pleased to confirm Pete Simpson of Jockey MM will become our Squire Elect at the ARM in March.









19 Jan 2018

The Morris Ring welcomes applications from member sides to take part in the fortieth anniversary Jigs Instructional.

The Jigs Instructional offers Morris men of varying levels of accomplishment a weekend of high-quality dance coaching – even those who have no ambition to perform jigs in public.

Using the solo dance as a vehicle for instruction, this event offers a good basic grounding in the art and science of Cotswold Morris in general and the Morris Jig in particular.

There are parallel streams for improvers and for more confident practitioners, plus sessions for less experienced men covering some basic techniques of the Cotswold dance. It all happens in Sutton Bonington, just off the A6 between Loughborough and Derby.

Members have until 20th January to apply for Personal Accident insurance for cover in 2018 whilst dancing or at an event where a dancing display is taking place, whilst at practice or in transit to or from either location. This benefit is for Ring Side members aged between 16 and 70, within the UK, or for members of The Joint Morris Organisation member sides.

1 Jun 2018

As at the time of writing there were just the two Ring Meetings in 2018 - Helmond in Holland and the Annual Saddleworth Rushcart, teams may wish to consider the Thaxted weekend as an alternative.  The Harley Ale has since been added

The weekend format is the same as it has been for the last 90 years.  This includes male only performances, including musicians.  Informal dancing Friday evening followed by singing and music in in the Maypole or Star.   The Swan is for those who prefer a quieter night.

27 Oct 2017

Hosted by The Stafford Morris Men, Church Eaton Staffordshire - latest joining instructions.

The handout on the use of black face paint issued for the JMO day of dance, has now been withdrawn and is no longer to be used. In its place the Morris Ring and Open Morris have issued revised version for use in the same way. I.e. for sides who wish to have a handout when out dancing to help communicate with an audience. Please ensure the use of the previous JMO statement is discontinued.

The latest edition of The Morris Dancer is available for download featuring The Longborough Morris, Morris Music, The Hinckley Bullockers, Roy Dommett, Oddington and Thames Valley, The Oxford University Morris Men 1899 – 1914 Part 2 plus Mac McCoig's thoughtful, and thought provoking, editorial - "Morris Dance as a Metaphor for Traditional Life".

10 Mar 2018

Save the date - more details to follow

The Saddleworth Morris Men - Rushcart 2017

Thanks everyone for a great weekend.

Saddleworth Morris Men crossing Tower Bridge, London

From Eddie Worral, Squire of the Morris Ring

Some Morris weekends are fun, some are picturesque, but some are simply amazing.

September 2017

In issue 73 there are articles on, among others, Taylor's Men, Grand Union Morris, Bathampton Morris Men and the One Day Wonders. The Men of Sweyn's Ey - and one member of Morris 18-30 - are at a difficult age, and Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men go all ropey. There...

9 Jun 2017

At a loose end next weekend 9th-11th June? With a preserved double decker bus on one of our tours we can accommodate a few more odds & sods at the Hartley Morris Men's 65th Anniversary Ring Meeting but you will have to be quick (first come, first served).
Late applications ASAP to - bagman [at]

The majority of traditional Whitsuntide events have migrated to the Late Spring Bank Holiday at the end of May. The late Spring Bank Holiday on the last Monday in May attempts to deal with the fact that Whitsuntide is a moveable feast dependent on the date of Easter. Thus the Whit Monday holiday is not necessarily at the church's Whitsuntide. As always, check for the actual date of the event.