The National Association of Men's Morris & Sword Dance Clubs

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is made up the three officers, officers elect and all past officers of the Morris Ring, for a maximum of six years following the conclusion of their term of office, together with the elected members representing the nine regional areas. The duty of the Council is to advise and assist the Squire and the other elected officers to further the objects of the Morris Ring and to take action in an emergency.

Adam Garland 

Elected Officers

Squire Eddie Worrall

Bagman Jon Melville

Treasurer Steven Archer

Elected Area Representatives

Area Rep. East Mike Stevens

Area Rep. North Paul Cross

Area Rep. North West David Loughlin

Area Rep. South West & Wales Paul Reece

Area Rep. West Midlands Pete Simpson

Area Rep. North East Brian Pollard

Area Rep. North Midlands Ben Robinson

Area Rep. South Midlands Roger Comley

Area Rep. South East Cliff Marchant

Past Officers


2012-14 Robin Springett (Dartington MM)

2014-16 Adam Garland 

Retired Bagmen

2005-15 Charlie Corcoran (Leicester MM)

Co-opted by Squire

Shaun Lambley

Note. The MR Squire can co-opt to the AC or consult with, take advice from, anyone who he sees fit. Obviously this includes all previous holders of MR Offices.