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The latest Morris Ring Circular is The Morris Ring Circular Issue 75 , published December 2019. File size is 5.16 MB.

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The Morris Ring Circular is now (at last) published. Thanks to all who’ve contributed to this edition, and for everyone’s great patience while items accumulated to a sufficient level to render publication viable. This issue, by necessity, looks back at some of the successes and achievements enjoyed last year by Morris Ring sides around the globe, and marks some of their losses, too. A great deal more went on, of course, but unless you send in those snaps and scribblings, they won’t be included - alas!
The contents of issue 76, due out in March 2020, will reflect the exploits of member sides in 2019, so please send in your photos, reports and correspondence. It matters not if they’ve already appeared on the web or social media, and even the briefest of articles and the solitary photograph is welcome.
The Morris Ring Circular’s metamorphosis into annual format will be underpinned by posting much of its content on the Morris Ring website prior to release in hardcopy; the greater part of this material will emerge in a good old-fashioned, ink-and-glossy-paper yearbook; whether it will be a bumper edition depends entirely on you… Get cracking!

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The Morris Ring Circular Issue 75 December 2019 5.16 MB

The Morris Ring Circular is now (at last) published. Thanks to all who’ve contributed to this edition, and for everyone’s great patience while...

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