The Morris Ring has an extensive archive of morris related material, and is always interested in any such items. Please contact one of the archivists listed below or the Chair of Morris Ring Archive Group, Chris Wildridge, if you want more information.

The Morris Ring Archivists

The archivists are currently:

  • Archive Group Chairman: chairmrag [at] (Chris Wildridge) (Bathampton Morris Men)
  • Keeper of the Logbooks: charliecorcoran7 [at] (Charlie Corcoran) (Leicester Morris Men)
  • MR Archivist: Paper & Film: geoffdouglas [at] (Geoff Douglas) (Mayflower Morris Men)
  • Keeper of the Ring Photograph Archive: duncan.broomhead [at] (Duncan Broomhead) (Adlington Morris Men)
  • Keeper of the Sword Dance Archive: pcheat [at] (Phil Heaton)
  • Member: gordon [at] (Gordon Blunt) (Rutland Morris Men)
  • Member: john [at] (John Edwards) (Stafford Morris Men)
  • Member: johnphfrearson [at] (John Frearson) (Bedford Morris Men)
  • Member: mike.garland1 [at] (Mike Garland) (East Suffolk Morris Men)
  • Member: schofield7 [at] (Derek Schofield) 
  • Member: matt.historian [at] (Matt SImons) (Peterborough & Leicester Morris Men)

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