The Morris Ring was formed so clubs could meet up together, exchange ideas and new dances, perform and entertain, and spend time promoting the dance. Arranging and running a Ring Meeting is a major undertaking for any Side; balancing ever increasing costs whilst providing quality tours, catering, and accommodation can be fraught with complications.

The attached guide is provided to assist clubs embarking on organising a Ring Meeting. Much of this document may already be known and understood, but it will help formulate plans and run a successful meeting.

Meetings come in all shapes and sizes from the full Weekend of Dance, to an evening’s Ale but irrespective of format, there are certain aspects common to all; food, accommodation, dancing spots, drinks and so forth. The document is for the full weekend and clubs can pick and choose the aspects relevant to their chosen format.

Traditionally, the Ring Meeting was a weekend of dance; Friday evening meet up for food and entertainment, Saturday tour followed by the feast, speeches and entertainment, a Sunday church service and a massed show before lunch and departure. Over the past few years however other formats have been undertaken successfully.

Please note, all events run as Ring Meetings will be open to all members of all clubs.


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