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Jigs ... some thoughts

Jigs have always been a part of Cotswold Morris and they can add to any performance. It has often been said "You can't go wrong in a jig; just call it improvisation!" Anyone who has performed a jig in public will know that's far from the truth, and the annual Morris Ring Jigs Instructionals have gone a long way in correcting that misconception.

A regular attender of the Instructionals and long-time exponent of the art, Stuart Bater of Harthill MM, has put together an excellent Jigs Aide Memoire. The piece was originally intended for teaching the newer lads in his side and to help them to learn the elements of a tradition by a more concentrated format. It also proved to be of interest to everyone else.

With some encouragement, Stuart has agreed to share this thoughts with us as we believe they are just as applicable to the experienced dancer as to the novice. We hope The Aide, which has now been adapted for wider circulation, will give more dancers more confidence to enjoy the uplifting experience that a morris jig can bring and help promote the high standard of dance and presentation for which we must strive. Enjoy.