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The Morris Ring was formed in 1934 and currently is an association of some 180 morris, sword and mummers clubs and teams keeping our wonderful traditions alive.

At our 2018 Annual Representatives Meeting there was overwhelming support for a proposal to enable any morris team, whatever its gender make up, to become a member of The Morris Ring if they support the founding principles of the organisation:

“The object of the Morris Ring shall be to encourage the performance of the Morris, to maintain its traditions and to preserve its history; to bring into contact all the Morris Clubs or Teams. The purpose of the Morris Ring is not to replace or supersede the existing organisations, but to sub-serve them. The Clubs shall in all respects retain their independence.”

Now any established Club or Team which meets regularly to enjoy Morris or Sword Dancing or Mumming, and endeavours to uphold the standards and dignity of the Morris, is eligible for Membership of the Morris Ring.

Full details of our membership benefits and process can be found on the A guide to Membership page.

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Latest news

The Ring Officers have been trying to develop some guidance which might offer a safe approach to returning to practice but a lot of this is governed by the Risk Assessments in place at specific venues, and vastly differing guidance on what distancing and other measures are in place for activity. There is no intent to "get around" current regulations, nor to endanger those more vulnerable, wittingly or otherwise.


News and views from elsewhere in the Morris Ring world

My last official act.

Today I stand down as Squire of the Morris Ring to make way for Simon Newman to take the reins.

It has been a blast & I would not have missed it for the world except for the last few months of course,but the Norns will have there fun. "Wyrd bid ful araed" as Uhtred of Bebbanberg would say.

2020 has been a non-event as far as the Morris Ring membership is concerned as a result of the social distancing measures that are in place to stem the spread of Covid-19. 

This is the first time that it has happened and we the Morris Ring Officers recognise this and that there has not been the opportunity to dance out and collect whilst at the same time sides still have costs to meet.