Steve "BfB" Adamson
Steve "BfB" Adamson

The Morris Ring Bagman's job was split into two when John Wells retired as Bagman. Barry Care who had been helping him with the financial side for some time was asked to take on the "Bagman Treasurer" role. Mike Garland became "Bagman Secretary" although the names of the jobs quickly became "Treasurer" and "Bagman".

1977 - 1982 Barry Care MBE Moulton MM
1982 - 1986 Roger Baker Died December 2017
1986 - 1994 Richard Sinclair Jockey MM
1994 - 2009 Steve Adamson Died 1st December 2013
2009 - 2012 Eddie Worrall Saddleworth Mm
2012 - 2018 Steve Archer Ravensbourne MM