The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Safeguarding Policy - The Morris Ring


Everyone who participates in morris dancing is entitled to do so in an enjoyable and safe environment. This applies to everybody, but particularly to those legally classed as children or as vulnerable adults (hereafter collectively referred to as vulnerable people).

In its own activities the Morris Ring is committed to ensuring that, when given responsibility for vulnerable people, it provides them with the highest possible standard of care as detailed in the full safeguarding policy.

While acknowledging that its member clubs are diverse, and many do not include vulnerable people amongst their members, the Morris Ring is committed to encouraging all its member clubs to devise and implement safeguarding policies appropriate to their membership and activities.


By ensuring that Ring officers, member clubs and those who represent the Ring are aware of their safeguarding responsibilities, as defined in legislation, and are committed to promoting the well-being of those they deal with.

By ensuring that Ring activities are assessed by those organising them to ensure that potential safeguarding issues are identified and suitable steps put in place to deal with them, working in partnership with clubs, vulnerable people and their parents / carers.

In relation to its member sides, the Morris Ring will:

ensure that they are aware of the importance of safeguarding, of the legal requirements of relevant legislation

encourage them to devise appropriate policies for their own activities

provide information on devising an appropriate safeguarding policy for the club

provide specific safeguarding information to clubs when requested

By challenging unsafe behaviour when we encounter it.

By investigating any safeguarding concerns we receive promptly, and fairly, taking appropriate action to resolve the matter

The Executive Officers of the Morris Ring have responsibility for implementing the Safeguarding policy and will keep it under regular review.

Organisations with persons under 18 years of age should have a Safeguarding Policy. Recent events in the Press have illustrated that an organisation without a policy can be vulnerable to Press criticism even where no issue has arisen. In order to support those sides who have under-18 members and do not currently have their own policy, a  Ring policy has been prepared and is attached below.

Morris Ring Safeguarding Policy 20221010.pdf

We know it is lengthy and all it really says is “do not allow under-18s to be alone in the company of another individual, and don’t bully them” but it is valuable legal protection. It is intended that sides should be able to formally adopt the policy if they do not currently have their own.