The latest newsletter is Bagmans Newsletter 133 - February 2024 , published February 2024.

Highlights include:

2 Future Events
3 From the Bagman’s Desk
4 Notices
5 Candidates for Election to Squire of the Morris Ring
9 Area Rep Elections 2024
10 Draft Agenda for the 2024 Morris Ring Annual Representatives’ Meeting
11 Supporting Documents for Agends

Bagman's newsletters - grouped by year


The latest updated newsletter from our Bagman, including details of the candidates for the next Ring squire-ship and the draft ARM Agenda
February 2024
Size: 1.77 MB
Please find attached statements of nomination for both candidates standing for the office of Squire at the ARM. Please circulate these to your sides and discuss who you wish to vote for. If you are sending a delegate to the ARM, please ensure they are aware of who the side wishes them to vote for,...
January 2024
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The latest newsletter from our bagman including important information as every club with a bank account is going to have to register with the Trust Registration Service (TRS) ... now!
October 2023
Size: 1.46 MB
The latest newsletter from our illustrious bagman
July 2023
Size: 410.67 KB
Including minutes of the 2023 ARM
April 2023
Size: 1.24 MB
The latest from the Bagman including Minutes of the 2023 ARM
April 2023
Size: 1.24 MB
Newsletter No. 129 February 2023 ARM Agenda (slightly modified) and some reports - more have been added as received
February 2023
Size: 1.01 MB


Notice given of 2023 ARM on Saturday 4th March 2023 at Oak Farm Hotel, Watling Street , details of Officers appointments and Subs renewal.
November 2022
Size: 569.18 KB
There’s a few items of business that need close attention of club officers in this newsletter. Amongst other things, the bank account has been changed from HSBC to NatWest so any standing orders/direct debits for membership subs needs to be changed,
August 2022
Size: 803.41 KB
The latest epistle from our Bagman
April 2022
Size: 1.1 MB
Minutes of the 2022 Morris Ring Annual Representatives’ Meeting, 5th March 2022
March 2022
Size: 673.36 KB
Including the Agenda, supporting documentation and information about the Morris Ring Annual Representatives Meeting 5th March 2022
February 2022
Size: 798.12 KB


Including the final drafts of the new constitution, details of the two candidates for our next squire, free 2022 membership and much more.
December 2021
Size: 2.03 MB
At the direction of the Squire, please find in this newsletter a packet of documents to review. These are proposed to be submitted for approval by the membership at the ARM on March 5th 2022.
November 2021
Size: 1.12 MB
The latest news of the Bagman's travels, good news from the Treasurer and news of things to come, including next year's ARM scheduled for 5th March at the now customary location at the Oak Farm Hotel ... all being well.. Note the corrected Fools and Beast's Unconvention dates...
September 2021
Size: 988.53 KB
More COVID restricted future events news, an apology and heartfelt thanks to the previous incumbent.
June 2021
Size: 332.86 KB
Minutes of the 2021 Morris Ring Annual Representatives’ Meeting, 6th March 2021 The meeting opened with the Squire welcoming representatives from the other JMO members and holding two minutes of silence in memory of those who passed in the last year. ...
March 2021
Size: 2.21 MB
Newsletter No. 120 (ARM special) February 2021 setting out Access online and instructions for voting, the agenda and Officers' reports...
March 2021
Size: 2.14 MB
Newsletter No. 119 February 2021 including ARM proposals for constitutional changes and applications for Bagman vacancy and re-electable Area Reps positions. ...
February 2021
Size: 1.31 MB


A proposed farewell from the Bagman, a welcome from the incoming Squire and minutes of the 2020 ARM ...
December 2020
Size: 1.67 MB
Newsletter 117 - ARM Special including candidates for Squire
February 2020
Size: 1.71 MB


Annual Public Liability insurance and Constitution proposed amendments
December 2019
Size: 1.04 MB
ARM 2020 details and application form, subscription changes, and a proposed change to the Constitution and much more.
September 2019
Size: 248.92 KB
Minutes of the Morris Ring 2019 Annual Reps’ Meeting Saturday 2nd March
June 2019
Size: 1.12 MB
Newsletter No.114
June 2019
Size: 751.16 KB
Newsletter 113 - ARM Special
February 2019
Size: 1.42 MB


Includes the ARM application form and details of Utrecht Ring meeting hotels.
November 2018
Size: 200.2 KB
Bagman's Newsletter 111 September 2018...
September 2018
Size: 1.02 MB
Newsletter 110, which incorporates the ARM minutes
June 2018
Size: 1.48 MB
Newsletter No.109 – ARM Special with important information on the voting process for the proposed constitutional change
February 2018
Size: 720.86 KB
This issue includes a major proposal for changes to the Morris Ring's constitution to be debated and voted on at the ARM of 10th March 2018...
January 2018
Size: 1.41 MB


Ring Massed Dances for winter practicing, an update on the Morris Ring ARM 10th March 2018 - nominations sought- and new Blacking Up guidance. Contributions are still wanted for The Bagman's Handbook. and for volunteer "Trainers"...
October 2017
Size: 1.04 MB
The edition includes a call to Foremen to share their expertise in a brief survey, and to sides to volunteer help developing fledgling sides.
July 2017
Size: 834.93 KB
This issue includes the minutes of this year's very successful ARM and the results of our very first electronic ballot...
April 2017
Size: 2.51 MB
Minutes of the Annual Representatives’ Meeting of the Morris Ring, 4th March 2017, Oak Farm Lodge, Hatherton
March 2017
Size: 1.46 MB
Newsletter 104 ARM Special
February 2017
Size: 2.06 MB
Future Events, Ring Meeting Applications and details of the ARM 2017
January 2017
Size: 1.36 MB


Details on application for 2017 Ring Meetings and the JMO Day of Dance
November 2016
Size: 1.73 MB
Adam Garland has now danced out from the position of Squire of the Morris Ring and we welcome Eddie Worrall of Saddleworth MM to the position. ...
September 2016
Size: 2.21 MB
As this is the 100th Newsletter in current format, I have taken the liberty of including a copy of the first of the series, from John Frearson, as an appendix. Interesting to note how email and mobile phones were obviously in their infancy, and that the cost of printing and postage for Newsletters...
July 2016
Size: 1.78 MB
With immediate effect, all weekends of dance put forward for official Ring support: the grant, and the official meeting number, will henceforth be open to all members of all member clubs and will once again officially be called Ring Meetings.
April 2016
Size: 871.28 KB
ARM Special including application form.
January 2016
Size: 661.02 KB


At the 2016 ARM we shall be electing a new Squire of the Morris Ring and several Area Representatives are due for triennial election/re-election. There is one candidate for Squire of the Morris Ring, Eddie Worrall. The officers of the Morris Ring would like to wish all of you the very best for the...
December 2015
Size: 1.43 MB
The Squire's massed dances for 2016 announced...
October 2015
Size: 1.97 MB
A new Ring Bagman writes…. Charlie Corcoran danced out at Thaxted after ten years in the role of Bagman. The Ring and all its members owe a massive debt of gratitude to him for all his hard work and sensitive handling of difficult issues. He has now handed over the role: all the data files, all...
July 2015
Size: 2.69 MB
Charlie Corcoran's final newsletter before he takes a well deserved bow out...
May 2015
Size: 1.27 MB
ARM e--news update
February 2015
Size: 114.61 KB
ARM Special. Subject to ratification at the ARM Jon Melville of Anker Morris Men will take over from Charlie Corcoran in the Spring. Following a ‘handover’ period I will ‘dance out’ and he will ‘dance in’ at the Thaxted meeting. Charlie hopse that you will be as supportive of him as you have been...
February 2015
Size: 1.11 MB


24 page bumper edition. You will have already received information about and application form for attending the 2015 ARM on Sat 7th March. This is being hosted by Uttoxeter MM and bagged by Mac McCoig. Huge thanks to them and to Mac, Pete Simpson and John Edwards for stepping into the breach. ...
December 2014
Size: 859.57 KB
Robin Springett danced out and Adam Garland dances in at Dartington
September 2014
Size: 667.21 KB
This Newsletter contains a real mixture of good news and bad. The positive includes the information of the JMO Census and the development of the now cross-organisation Morris Shop but this is tempered by news of the death of a number of stalwarts of the Morris Ring to whom we all owe a debt of...
June 2014
Size: 781.6 KB
The Minutes of the 2014 ARM are now available from the website (or electronically upon request from From them you will know that we welcome Adam Garland of East Suffolk MM as our Squire Elect...
April 2014
Size: 1.08 MB
ARM Special and introducing Shaun Lambley, the new Shop Keeper
February 2014
Size: 1.77 MB


Steve BFB Adamson, all round good bloke, Keeper of the Morris Shop, Ex Treasurer of the Morris Ring, skilled whistle / pipe player for Boar’s Head Morris, Great Yorkshire Morris, Green Oak and Jockey Morris or simply as Steve Adamson, died of bronchial pneumonia on Sunday 1st December...
December 2013
Size: 1.24 MB
Again the publication and distribution of this Newsletter has been delayed originally due to a lack of content (there is no point publishing for the sake of it) but more recently due to my waiting for information about the meetings planned for 2014. In the interim I have kept people up-to-date via...
October 2013
Size: 2 MB
There has been no Newsletter since March because I have received so little news to include! While in some ways this is positive as it shows that the alternative ‘modern’ communication methods such as the Morris Ring web site and the Morris Ring Google Group are working and it saves the Morris Ring...
July 2013
Size: 903.22 KB
A huge Thank You to John Bush, Nigel Cox and Whitchurch MM who so successfully hosted the ARM. Could your side do it next year? ...
March 2013
Size: 1.08 MB
ARM Special
February 2013
Size: 715.37 KB


It has been another busy year and there is a great deal of information in this final Newsletter of 2012. Please share it with the members of your side and let me have some feedback, including if you would be happy to only receive it in electronic form. On behalf of my fellow Officers of the...
December 2012
Size: 675.32 KB
This Newsletter is rather later than anticipated but I delayed publication waiting for information about the meeting organised under the auspices of the Morris Ring planned for 2013. You will see that there are still gaps but I will forward additional information as soon as I receive it.
October 2012
Size: 1 MB
You will see that there are new photos in the header of the Morris Ring website. Martin Jones (of Natty Web Development Ltd) has struggled to find images that are the right combination of size/resolution, quality, faces looking the right way, suitable for removing the background, etc. He is...
July 2012
Size: 851.77 KB
Have you missed your Morris Ring Newsletter? This is the first edition since the ARM Special in February. If your answer is “no” then let me know as I have no desire to waste my time and the MR money on printing and postage. If your answer is “Yes” then please let me have your news, information,...
May 2012
Size: 1.37 MB
ARM Special
February 2012
Size: 1.47 MB
Massed dances for 2012 Morris Ring Meetings announced
January 2012
Size: 1.55 MB


We dedicate the launch of our new website to the memory of our dear departed John Maher, former Overseas Bagman of the Morris Ring, Webmaster of our original website and architect of much of the content of this new site. John Maher, 1938 - 2011, R.I.P. ...
December 2011
Size: 703.2 KB
Please accept my apologies for the delayed distribution of this Newsletter – originally because of a lack of content but more recently due to a variety of other pressures on my time. In the interim I have tried to keep people up-to date via emails and the Google Group site. Of key importance now...
October 2011
Size: 797.38 KB
Along with the majority of our membership it was a joy for me to be able to put months of circular „political‟ debates leading up to the ARM behind me and concentrate on the dancing.
July 2011
Size: 662.67 KB
Draft Minutes of 2011 ARM
March 2011
Size: 840.43 KB
Please read this in conjunction with Newsletter No 71
February 2011
Size: 685.73 KB
ARM 2011 Special
January 2011
Size: 381.97 KB


Thank You again to those who have contributed news and information for inclusion in this Newsletter. I asked for details of your Christmas / New Year programmes, and those that I have received are printed as Appendix Two at the end of this Newsletter. For future publication please let me have...
December 2010
Size: 681.08 KB
After months of work, coordinated by the immediate Past-Squire of the Morris Ring Brian Tasker the long talked of revised displays are almost ready. They were exhibited to members of the Advisory Council at their meeting in Packington on 3rd October. ...
October 2010
Size: 1.27 MB
Young ... The Morris Ring Youth Fund is there to help with some of the costs of setting up and running sides of young dancers. If you are interested have a look at the scheme details on the Morris Ring web site. To use the well-known phrase "Our future is in your hands." ... and old...
July 2010
Size: 773.34 KB
This is your Newsletter. It is your means of getting information to all members of all sides within our organisation. It is distributed in paper form; via the Morris Ring Google Group; via email and is available on the Morris Ring website I welcome any and all items of news and general information...
May 2010
Size: 664.05 KB
Minutes of the 2010 ARM
April 2010
Size: 497.37 KB
ARM 2010 Special
March 2010
Size: 930.23 KB
News of ARM 2010
February 2010
Size: 301.53 KB


ARM 2010 Friday 26th to Sunday 28th March 2010 Hosted by Stafford Morris Men at the Abbots Bromley School for Girls, WS15 3BW Reminder: We unashamedly want to lure more people to attend the event to both introduce them to our democratic processes (especially to vote for our new Squire) and to help...
December 2009
Size: 540.75 KB
As I explained at the beginning of this Newsletter and every other one I have edited I need to have your news. I aim to provide information and snippets of news. The indepth stuff appears in The Circular and to help you to remember this special 75th Anniversary Summer of the Morris Ring might I...
October 2009
Size: 1.72 MB
It has been four months since the last Newsletter (No 60 ARM Special) because I have received no NEWS to share with you. I need you to let me have your news to pass on as I am certain that you don’t really want to simply read about what Leicester Morrismen have been doing! But I will share with you...
July 2009
Size: 572.82 KB
ARM 2009 Special
February 2009
Size: 540.3 KB


On behalf of my fellow Officers of the Morris Ring may I wish you a Happy Christmas and a peaceful 75th Anniversary of the Morris Ring 2009. Charlie Corcoran ...
December 2008
Size: 633.88 KB
Brian Tasker , of Hartley Morris Men & Castleford Longsword became the Squire of the Morris Ring, taking the Staff of Office over from Paul Reece, of Thaxted Morris Men, at the 316th Morris Ring Meeting in Totnes town square on Sunday August 7th. Brian will be Squire for the next two years.
October 2008
Size: 1.16 MB
Following a suggestion made at the ARM if you are prepared to receive the Newsletters ONLY in electronic form please email me to let me know. It will save acres of trees – and the Morris Ring a lot of money. Charlie Corcoran...
June 2008
Size: 1.26 MB
ARM 2008 headlines
March 2008
Size: 837.08 KB
ARM 2008 Special
February 2008
Size: 264.06 KB
January 2008
Size: 296.89 KB


December 2007
Size: 437.81 KB
November 2007
Size: 301.99 KB
September 2007
Size: 708.65 KB
June 2007
Size: 457.42 KB
February 2007
Size: 219.52 KB
February 2007
Size: 209.12 KB


December 2006
Size: 343.65 KB
October 2006
Size: 325.84 KB
July 2006
Size: 613.29 KB
March 2006
Size: 518.63 KB
February 2006
Size: 360.96 KB
January 2006
Size: 445.74 KB


December 2005
Size: 521.67 KB
September 2005
Size: 490.11 KB
The Newsletter No. 39 – June-July 2005 The first by Charlie Corcoran
July 2005
Size: 370.91 KB
The Newsletter - No. 38 – April-May 2005 - John Frearson's last as Bagman...
May 2005
Size: 320.46 KB
The Newsletter - No. 37 – January-February 2005
February 2005
Size: 289.7 KB


The Newsletter - No. 36 – December 2004
December 2004
Size: 274.38 KB
The Newsletter - No. 35 – October 2004
October 2004
Size: 528.14 KB
The Newsletter - No. 34 – July 2004
July 2004
Size: 285.52 KB
The Newsletter - No. 33 – May 2004
May 2004
Size: 336.17 KB
The Newsletter - No. 32 – January 2004
January 2004
Size: 298.25 KB


The Newsletter - No. 31 – December 2003
December 2003
Size: 358.45 KB
The Newsletter - No. 30 – October 2003
October 2003
Size: 324.97 KB
The Newsletter - No. 29 – July / August 2003
August 2003
Size: 435.3 KB
The Newsletter - No. 28 – April / May 2003. the Squire has been much involved with meetings about the Public Entertainment Licence.
May 2003
Size: 386.53 KB
The Newsletter - No. 27 – January 2003. We welcome two new Associates: North British Sword Dancers, a well established Side of “no fixed abode” comprising invited dancers from a number of clubs. They often appear at Saddleworth Rushcart and at other Festivals. Also, Yelvertoft [just down the road...
January 2003
Size: 348.74 KB


The Newsletter - No. 26 – December 2002. Firstly, a message from the Squire, Cliff Marchant, “I would like to wish all Sides a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year”. From the Treasurer, Steve Adamson - the same - and did you remember to pay your subscription? The Subscription Form for 2003 was...
December 2002
Size: 453.9 KB
The Newsletter - No. 25 – October 2002. This issue contains news of the deaths of seven Morris Men. Sadly, two died following Morris outings, Roy Taylor of Mayflower after a heart attack at the Hartley Ring Meeting, and Peter Taylor, of East Kent, after contracting Legionnaires Disease on a Morris...
October 2002
Size: 416.84 KB
The Newsletter - No. 24 – July 2002. This Newsletter has been timed to save postage and coincide with the next issue of the Circular. Many of you will receive it at – or shortly after – the next two Ring Meetings at Ledbury [Silurian] and Bristol.
July 2002
Size: 320.3 KB
The Newsletter - No. 23 – April 2002. Congratulations to Cliff Marchant on his election as the next Squire of the Morris Ring. He will dance in and take over from Gerald Willey at the Bristol Ring Meeting, before officiating as Squire at the Hartley Ring Meeting. He will also be attending the other...
April 2002
Size: 430.84 KB
The Newsletter - No. 22 – January 2002. A welcome to new Associates, Stourvale Mummers. They joined in October, but their welcome was overlooked by the Ring Bagman – apologies. They are closely associated with Bourne River, and have a common Bagman [I will rephrase that, a Bagman in common]. We are...
January 2002
Size: 299.46 KB


The Newsletter - No. 21 – December 2001. Welcome to new Associates, “The [Insert Name Here] Mummers” – from London.
December 2001
Size: 376.56 KB
The Newsletter - No. 20 – September 2001. NOTE: The 2002 ARM will be hosted by Stafford, at the Moreton Millennium Centre, Nr. Newport, SHROPSHIRE on 1st – 3rd March 2002. Further details herein. Fieldtown Instructional – postponed – it also clashed with Bromyard Festival.
September 2001
Size: 536.6 KB
The Newsletter - No. 19 – June 2001. As you will see none were gallant enough to relieve me of this burden at the ARM – so the Newsletter carries on under the same compiler – unless there are any volunteers out there?
June 2001
Size: 473.27 KB
The Newsletter - No. 18 – March 2001. With Foot and Mouth threatening events, we are sure you do not need reminding to consider the implications of any Tours or Dance Outs. Whilst our own “animals” may not have cloven hooves, we would not wish them [and their Sides] to give rise to any concerns...
March 2001
Size: 355.78 KB
The Newsletter - No. 17 – January 2001. Hopefully all are recovered from Christmas and New Year Festivities and associated seasonal dancing; mumming; wassailing and plough playing etc.
January 2001
Size: 475.96 KB


The Newsletter - No. 16 – November 2000. This Newsletter will hopefully reach you well before Christmas; but even at this early date, may I wish you all a very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year / Millennium. A Christmas message from the Squire is enclosed. Did you remember to send your...
November 2000
Size: 592.05 KB
The Newsletter - No. 15 – September 2000. First, a very warm welcome to our new Squire, Gerald Willey, who danced in at the Chalice Meeting. This Newsletter contains a letter from Gerald, outlining his initial thoughts. This mailing includes a number of separate items, please make sure you have...
September 2000
Size: 338.61 KB
The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 14 – July 2000. Hopefully you are all having a fine season, with much good fellowship and full bags. I have enjoyed seeing many old friends at Ring Meetings, and at other events, as I have travelled around the country during the first part of the Season. The Chalice...
July 2000
Size: 450.09 KB
The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 13 – May 2000. Hopefully, this is not an unlucky issue number. The dancing season is with us again. We have had another successful ARM, and we congratulate and welcome Gerald Willey of Shakespeare as Squire Elect. He will dance in as Squire at the Chalice Ring Meeting...
May 2000
Size: 544.43 KB
The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 12 – January 2000
January 2000
Size: 391.36 KB


The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 11 – November 1999. Firstly, a warm welcome to three new Associate Sides: Blue Anchor Morris from Helston, Cornwall; The Dunton Morris from Bedfordshire, and Ansty Morris Men from Leicester. This Newsletter will probably reach you in early December, may I wish you all...
November 1999
Size: 423.53 KB
The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 10 – September 1999. This Newsletter contains messages from the Squire and Treasurer, as well as two Ring meeting reports.
September 1999
Size: 690.36 KB
The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 9 – July 1999. This mailing includes preliminary details of next year’s Ring Meetings. As mentioned at the ARM, we are asking Sides to make a fairly prompt choice and estimate of numbers...
July 1999
Size: 392.07 KB
The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 8 – May 1999
May 1999
Size: 365.94 KB
Bagman's Newsletter 7 - Included in this Newsletter:- The Squire’s formats for the Ring Massed dances; Notes from the Treasurer on sales goods and the results of his sponsored slim; and a Summary of the Newsletter. Plus reports on the ARM and the Jigs Instructional - and lots more!! ...
March 1999
Size: 574.73 KB
Bagman's Newsletter 6 - This first Newsletter of 1999 is my sixth and the final edition of the 1998/99 Season. The ARM in Bedford will soon [too soon] be upon us – I look forward to seeing many of you there. Various ARM papers are enclosed...
January 1999
Size: 509.36 KB


Bagman's Newsletter 5. This final Newsletter of the 1998 season is somewhat longer [my apologies], but there are a number of matters that have to be covered [as well as the Bagman’s ramblings!!!]. ...
November 1998
Size: 712.77 KB
Bagman's Newsletter 4 - September 1998...
November 1998
Size: 451.66 KB
This third Newsletter of the 1998 season includes the calling notice for the ARM; the call for nominations for the post of Bagman; the call for ARM resolutions and various other reminders.
July 1998
Size: 407.69 KB
Bagman's newsletter number 2 - May 1998...
May 1998
Size: 263.52 KB
John Frearson's first Bagman's Newsletter covering the 1998 ARM hosted by Ravensbourne Morris Men and various other reports...
March 1998
Size: 228.02 KB