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The latest newsletter is Newsletter No. 129 February 2023 Final (?) , published February 2023. File size is 1.01 MB.

Highlights include:

2 Future Events
3 From the Bagman’s Desk/Notices
4 The Morris Dancer – Contributions for Vol 7
5 Australia Morris Ale 2023
6 Agenda for the 2023 Morris Ring Annual Representatives’ Meeting
7 Supporting Documents for Agenda

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Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter No. 129 February 2023 Final (?) February 2023 1.01 MB Newsletter No. 129 February 2023 ARM Agenda (slightly modified) and some reports - more have been added as receivedMore
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter No. 128 November 2022 November 2022 569.18 KB Notice given of 2023 ARM on Saturday 4th March 2023 at Oak Farm Hotel, Watling Street , details of Officers appointments and Subs renewal.More
Newsletter No. 127 August 2022 August 2022 803.41 KB There’s a few items of business that need close attention of club officers in this newsletter. Amongst other things, the bank account has been changed from HSBC to NatWest so any standing orders/...More
Newsletter No. 126 April 2022 April 2022 1.1 MB The latest epistle from our BagmanMore
ARM Minutes 5 March 2022 March 2022 673.36 KB Minutes of the 2022 Morris Ring Annual Representatives’ Meeting, 5th March 2022More
Newsletter No. 125 February 2022 February 2022 798.12 KB Including the Agenda, supporting documentation and information about the Morris Ring Annual Representatives Meeting 5th March 2022More
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter No. 124 December 2021 December 2021 2.03 MB Including the final drafts of the new constitution, details of the two candidates for our next squire, free 2022 membership and much more.More
Newsletter No. 123 November 2021 November 2021 1.12 MB At the direction of the Squire, please find in this newsletter a packet of documents to review. These are proposed to be submitted for approval by the membership at the ARM on March 5th 2022. More
Newsletter No. 122 September 2021 September 2021 988.53 KB The latest news of the Bagman's travels, good news from the Treasurer and news of things to come, including next year's ARM scheduled for 5th March at the now customary location at the Oak...More
Newsletter121 June 2021 June 2021 332.86 KB More COVID restricted future events news, an apology and heartfelt thanks to the previous incumbent.More
Minutes of the Morris Ring ARM 6th March 2021 March 2021 2.21 MB Minutes of the 2021 Morris Ring Annual Representatives’ Meeting, 6th March 2021 The meeting opened with the Squire welcoming representatives from the other JMO members and holding two minutes of...More
Newsletter No. 120 (ARM special) February 2021 March 2021 2.14 MB Newsletter No. 120 (ARM special) February 2021 setting out Access online and instructions for voting, the agenda and Officers' reportsMore
Newsletter No. 119 February 2021 1.31 MB Newsletter No. 119 February 2021 including ARM proposals for constitutional changes and applications for Bagman vacancy and re-electable Area Reps positions. More
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter 118 November 2020 December 2020 1.67 MB A proposed farewell from the Bagman, a welcome from the incoming Squire and minutes of the 2020 ARM More
Newsletter 117 February 2020 1.71 MB Newsletter 117 - ARM Special including candidates for SquireMore
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter 116 December 2019 1.04 MB Annual Public Liability insurance and Constitution proposed amendmentsMore
Newsletter No. 115 - Autumn 2019 September 2019 248.92 KB ARM 2020 details and application form, subscription changes, and a proposed change to the Constitution and much more.More
ARM Minutes 2019 June 2019 1.12 MB Minutes of the Morris Ring 2019 Annual Reps’ Meeting Saturday 2nd MarchMore
Newsletter No.114 June 2019 751.16 KB Newsletter No.114More
Newsletter 113 - ARM Special February 2019 1.42 MB Newsletter 113 - ARM SpecialMore
Title Publication Size Summary
Bagman's Newsletter No. 112 November 2018 November 2018 200.2 KB Includes the ARM application form and details of Utrecht Ring meeting hotels.More
Bagman's Newsletter 111 September 2018 September 2018 1.02 MB Bagman's Newsletter 111 September 2018More
Newsletter 110, which incorporates the ARM minutes June 2018 1.48 MB Newsletter 110, which incorporates the ARM minutesMore
Newsletter No.109 – ARM Special February 2018 720.86 KB Newsletter No.109 – ARM Special with important information on the voting process for the proposed constitutional changeMore
Newsletter No. 108 January 2018 January 2018 1.41 MB This issue includes a major proposal for changes to the Morris Ring's constitution to be debated and voted on at the ARM of 10th March 2018More
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter No. 107 October 2017 October 2017 1.04 MB Ring Massed Dances for winter practicing, an update on the Morris Ring ARM 10th March 2018 - nominations sought- and new Blacking Up guidance. Contributions are still wanted for The Bagman's...More
Newsletter No. 106 July 2017 July 2017 834.93 KB The edition includes a call to Foremen to share their expertise in a brief survey, and to sides to volunteer help developing fledgling sides.More
Bagmans Newsletter 105 April 2017 2.51 MB This issue includes the minutes of this year's very successful ARM and the results of our very first electronic ballot.More
Minutes of the Annual Representatives Meeting 2017 March 2017 1.46 MB Minutes of the Annual Representatives’ Meeting of the Morris Ring, 4th March 2017, Oak Farm Lodge, HathertonMore
Newsletter 104 ARM Special February 2017 2.06 MB Newsletter 104 ARM SpecialMore
Newsletter 103 January 2017 1.36 MB Future Events, Ring Meeting Applications and details of the ARM 2017More
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter 102 November 2016 1.73 MB Details on application for 2017 Ring Meetings and the JMO Day of DanceMore
Newsletter 101 September 2016 2.21 MB Adam Garland has now danced out from the position of Squire of the Morris Ring and we welcome Eddie Worrall of Saddleworth MM to the position. More
Newsletter 100 July 2016 1.78 MB As this is the 100th Newsletter in current format, I have taken the liberty of including a copy of the first of the series, from John Frearson, as an appendix. Interesting to note how email and...More
Newsletter 99 April 2016 871.28 KB With immediate effect, all weekends of dance put forward for official Ring support: the grant, and the official meeting number, will henceforth be open to all members of all member clubs and will...More
Newsletter 98 ARM Special January 2016 661.02 KB ARM Special including application form.More
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter 97 December 2015 1.43 MB At the 2016 ARM we shall be electing a new Squire of the Morris Ring and several Area Representatives are due for triennial election/re-election. There is one candidate for Squire of the Morris Ring...More
Newsletter 96 October 2015 1.97 MB The Squire's massed dances for 2016 announced.More
Newsletter 95 July 2015 2.69 MB A new Ring Bagman writes…. Charlie Corcoran danced out at Thaxted after ten years in the role of Bagman. The Ring and all its members owe a massive debt of gratitude to him for all his hard work and...More
Newsletter 94 May 2015 1.27 MB Charlie Corcoran's final newsletter before he takes a well deserved bow out.More
eNewsletter 93a February 2015 114.61 KB ARM e--news updateMore
Newsletter 93 ARM Special February 2015 1.11 MB ARM Special. Subject to ratification at the ARM Jon Melville of Anker Morris Men will take over from Charlie Corcoran in the Spring. Following a ‘handover’ period I will ‘dance out’ and he will ‘...More
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter 92 December 2014 859.57 KB 24 page bumper edition. You will have already received information about and application form for attending the 2015 ARM on Sat 7th March. This is being hosted by Uttoxeter MM and bagged by Mac...More
Newsletter 91 September 2014 667.21 KB Robin Springett danced out and Adam Garland dances in at DartingtonMore
Newsletter 90 June 2014 781.6 KB This Newsletter contains a real mixture of good news and bad. The positive includes the information of the JMO Census and the development of the now cross-organisation Morris Shop but this is...More
Newsletter 89 April 2014 1.08 MB The Minutes of the 2014 ARM are now available from the website (or electronically upon request from From them you will know that we welcome Adam Garland of East Suffolk MM...More
Newsletter 88 ARM Special February 2014 1.77 MB ARM Special and introducing Shaun Lambley, the new Shop KeeperMore
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter 87 December 2013 1.24 MB Steve BFB Adamson, all round good bloke, Keeper of the Morris Shop, Ex Treasurer of the Morris Ring, skilled whistle / pipe player for Boar’s Head Morris, Great Yorkshire Morris, Green Oak and Jockey...More
Newsletter 86 October 2013 2 MB Again the publication and distribution of this Newsletter has been delayed originally due to a lack of content (there is no point publishing for the sake of it) but more recently due to my waiting...More
Newsletter 85 July 2013 903.22 KB There has been no Newsletter since March because I have received so little news to include! While in some ways this is positive as it shows that the alternative ‘modern’ communication methods such as...More