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The latest newsletter is Bagman's Newsletter No. 112 November 2018 , published November 2018. File size is 200.2 KB.

Highlights include:

Page The highlights of Newsletter No.112

2       Future Events

4       Squire’s massed dances for 2019

5       Miscellaneous News

6       Morris Ring ARM, 2nd March 2019

7       Calling all Dance Teachers

8       Morris Ring Publications

9       Call for Contributions

10     Appendix 1: Application form for the Annual Representatives’ Meeting

11     List of hotels etc. in Utrecht

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Newsletter 76 December 2011 703.2 KB We dedicate the launch of our new website to the memory of our dear departed John Maher, former Overseas Bagman of the Morris Ring, Webmaster of our...More
Newsletter 75 October 2011 797.38 KB Please accept my apologies for the delayed distribution of this Newsletter – originally because of a lack of content but more recently due to a...More
Newsletter 74 July 2011 662.67 KB Along with the majority of our membership it was a joy for me to be able to put months of circular „political‟ debates leading up to the ARM behind...More
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Newsletter 70 December 2010 681.08 KB Thank You again to those who have contributed news and information for inclusion in this Newsletter. I asked for details of your Christmas / New Year...More
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Newsletter 68 July 2010 773.34 KB Young ... The Morris Ring Youth Fund is there to help with some of the costs of setting up and running sides of young dancers. If you are interested...More
Newsletter 67 May 2010 664.05 KB This is your Newsletter. It is your means of getting information to all members of all sides within our organisation. It is distributed in paper...More
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ARM 2010  Special