Cover of "50 Years of Morris Dancing" In 1949 the Morris Ring celebrated its fifteenth anniversary by publishing a booklet describing the background of our organisation, a tribute to Cecil Sharp, and short accounts from some of the forty-three clubs that had been admitted to the Morris Ring at that time.

The booklet has twenty-three pages, although the arrangement of these has been changed for the web version ; which can now be seen as a single page 'web booklet' .

Arthur Peck was the Morris Ring Squire from 1947 until 1949, and he assembled the text as well as providing an appreciation of Cecil Sharp's work for the Morris, and a description of the foundation of the Morris Ring. Twenty-nine clubs provided a description of their state, and some others are listed, but without details. No doubt that it was as difficult then as now to get responses from some Bagmen!

The booklet was scanned and an OCR used to generate the text for this web version by the late John Maher in 2009. He was indebted to John Jenner of Cambridge MM and the Travelling Morrice, for drawing his attention to this booklet, and then sending him a copy!


To view the web version of the booklet, click on the image of the Fifty Years booklet'