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Morris, Traditional Dance & Mumming

Fluffy (Carnival) Morris Illustrious Order of Fools & Beasts Master Mummers
Molly Dancing Morris 18-30 Morris Dance Data Base
Morris Dancing Wiki The Morris Federation Morris Histories page on Google
North-west Morris website Open Morris Oxfordshire Morris
Rapper Online Shooting Roots The Sword Dance Union
Trad Drama Research Group Yorkshire's Dance Teams Youtube: Morris Dancing


Morris & Folk Music, Instruments & Kit

Cantaria Clogs / Leather Concertinas-UK
Early Music Shop English Acoustic Collective Field Recorder (USA)
Hobgoblin Music Lester Bailey Melodeon Maintenance Mallinson's Music
Nottingham Folk Music Database P J Music The Taborers Society


Folk Music Magazines & Event Guides

Folklife West fROOTS Jacey Bedford's Magazine Index
Martin Kiff's Webfeet MusTrad UK Sessions


Folk Music, Folk Dance, Arts & Festival Societies

C.I.O.F.F.(UK) EFDSS The Folklore Society
Halsway Manor I.O.V. IVFDF
Voluntary Arts    


Archives, Education and Research

Barrand & Ricardo The Bate Collection Chris Brady
Dance Books Dance Tutors Doc Rowe
EFDSS - The Full English digital archive F.A.R.N.E. Folklore and Mythology resource Guide
Hallam Trads M.E.C. (Music Education Council)

The Society for Dance Research

Village Music Project    


Our International Cousins

Bizkai Bestiari (Catalan) Bestiari Festiu d'Europa
C.I.D. C.I.O.F.F. Flabiol
Korcula: Moreska Moriskentänzer  
Ramon Saumell Poc U.N.G.T.P.  


Miscellaneous & General History

SCA SCA Minstrel Homepage  




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