The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Elected Officers of the Morris Ring

Squire of The Morris Ring (2018)

Pete Simpson

Member of Jockey Men's  Morris Club

Tel: 0121 3734654
squire [at] themorrisring [dot] org (Email)

Bagman of The Morris Ring (2015)

Jon Melville

Member of Anker Morris Men

Tel:02476 345543
bagman [at] themorrisring [dot] org (subject: Enquiry%20via%20the%20Morris%20Ring%20website) (Email)

Treasurer of The Morris Ring (2018)

Clayton Francis

Member of East Surrey Morris Men

Tel: 07847 895716

RingTreasurer [at] themorrisring [dot] org (subject: Enquiry%20via%20the%20Morris%20Ring%20website) (Email)