The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Elected Officers of the Morris Ring

Squire of The Morris Ring (2016)

Eddie Worrall

Member of Saddleworth Morris Men

Tel:01457 829349
squire [at] (Email)

Squire Elect of The Morris Ring (2018)

Pete Simpson

Member of Jockey Morris Men

Tel: 0121 3734654
simpsonfam1984 [at] (Email)

Bagman of The Morris Ring (2015)

Jon Melville

Member of Anker Morris Men

Tel:02476 345543
bagman [at] (subject: Enquiry%20via%20the%20Morris%20Ring%20website) (Email)

Treasurer of The Morris Ring (2018)

Clayton Francis

Member of East Surrey Morris Men

Tel: 07847 895716

RingTreasurer [at] (subject: Enquiry%20via%20the%20Morris%20Ring%20website) (Email)