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Recruitment - The Future of The Morris World

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Morris Ring, you will have heard that Peter Halfpenney’s battle with cancer is over and he has sadly left us.

His document on recruitment has been available on-line for quite a while. I amended it during my tenure as Squire and have recently been discussing a further amendment with him which I provide here as part of this good man’s incredible legacy.

He put so much effort, time, and energy not only into the research and collation of the document, but into the Morris world in general. The document provides Sides with a range of methods and advice to hopefully ensure your survival and this legacy should live on for many years.

His intention was that this work should be a living document being amended and added to over time. I knew Peter for many years; honoured to class him as a friend, and am pleased to continue his work.

In memory of Peter Halfpenney.


Adam Garland
Past Squire of the Morris Ring