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The Morris Dancer

The Morris Dancer is the occasional journal of the Morris Ring. Latest and previous editions are available here for download, in Adobe PDF format.

Hey, how about it! The newest edition of the Morris Dancer is now officially out! Love it, print it out (or not), discuss it, but most of all, please have a read, and let us know what you think.

At the 2014 Jigs Instructional, the three Editors agreed to remind readers what sort of material would be accepted for each Ring publication. In the case of The Morris Dancer, it is any article, paper or study which expands our knowledge of the Morris in all its forms. It is better that the text is referenced, so that other researchers may follow up if they wish to do so, but non-referenced writing will be considered.

Text and pictures should be forwarded to: Mac McCoig, mac.mccoig [at] Tel: 01785 851052


Articles are copyright of the various authors and their opinions are theirs alone. They do not reflect the views of the Editor or the policy of the Morris Ring.

Latest edition

The latest edition of The Morris Dancer is Volume 5 Number 5 , published September 2017. File size is 1.63 MB.

Summary of contents

The Oxford University Morris Men 1899 – 1914 Part Two (Continued from MD Vol 5 No. 3 Nov 2014) Roy Judge (1970) The Golden Bough, Mumming and St George Julian Whybra Page 103
Thomas Slye, Kemp’s Pipe and Taborer Julian WhybraBook Reviews:The History of Morris Dancing 1458-1750 by John Forrest.
Review by Brian Tasker

All editions of The Morris Dancer

Title Publication Size Summary
Volume 5 Number 5 September 2017 1.63 MB

The Oxford University Morris Men 1899 – 1914 Part Two (Continued from MD Vol 5 No. 3 Nov 2014) Roy Judge (1970) The Golden Bough, Mumming and St...More

Volume 5, Number 4 February 2016 1.53 MB Editorial; The Longborough Morris; Morris Music – Some personal thoughts; The Hinckley Bullockers; Roy Dommett, Oddington and Thames Valley; The...More
Volume 5, Number 2 March 2014 1.73 MB The Immortal Memory of Cecil Sharp; The Bradmore Morris Dancers of 1618; Morris in the Media – Two cuttings; Book Reviews: Wassailing - Reawakening...More
Volume 5, Number 3 February 2014 2.09 MB Editorial; The Farnborough Morris; The Morris Dancer at Sulgrave Manor; The Lost Sword Dance; The Oxford University Morris Men 1899 – 1914 Part OneMore
Volume 5, Number 1 July 2012 1.46 MB An introduction to the new editors; Further Reflections on Rural Morris Dance Sets in the Metropolis; The Immortal Memory; Revival of Morris Dancing...More
Volume 4, Number 2 May 2010 1.78 MB The Lancashire Morris Before The War; The Millbrook (Stalybridge) Morris Dance; The Medlock Morris Dance; New Mills Morris Dancing; Mawdesley Morris...More
Volume 4, Number 1 January 2009 507.81 KB A Just so story Or How The Rapper became; Coxbench Long Sword Dance; The Sorcerer’s Apprentice; The Morris Ring Folkplay Archive - R. Shuttleworth...More