The Morris Ring celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2009 so a list of our previous Meetings was long overdue. At that time such a record did not exist - except in fragments: with Keith Francis holding some as Keeper of the Log; John Frearson, our previous Bagman, in the form of an Excel workbook; and most of the rest of the information in the Morris Ring Log books held by our Archivist, Chris Metherell. Matters were complicated by our (then) Treasurer, the late Steve Adamson, suffering a disastrous house fire back in 2001.

Chris has used John Frearson's spreadsheet to prepare a more complete list {meetings until 2004, number 300}. Of Past Morris Ring Meetings Chris offered the following:

Historically there seems to have been some confusion as to what constituted a Morris Ring Meeting. I suggest this as a way forward: 
“A simple and foolproof way of defining a Morris Ring Meeting: the official record is the Log Book. When the Squire signs off the log as correct, if the meeting is stated in the log to be a Morris Ring Meeting then that's what it is.”
Early Morris Ring meetings were not organised by a host team but rather by one or two individuals on behalf of the Morris Ring, hence the lack of host team. For many years instructional meetings were also classed as Morris Ring meetings and included in the numerical sequence. This practice stopped in the late 1970s and instructional meetings are not now numbered.
Sometimes the documents produced by the host team are wrong - but not the Log! Examples are the Ludlow meeting of 1959 (No71) For some reason the publicity material gives it as No68, however the logs are quite clear that it was No71. Similar confusion arose in 1980 due to the cancellation of the Bodmin Meeting (No181). Although it was decided to stick with the numerical sequence, the message did not reach the Bristol men who renumbered their event to take account of the cancellation, hence the publicity material gives it as No185 when in fact it was No186.
The Morris Ring Archive holds a mass of information on Morris Ring meetings, although the volume for each meeting is very variable. For some all that exists is the log entry, for others we have a whole file of information ranging from minutes of the organising committee to meal tickets and accounts.
The Web list below, produced from the Excel workbook, shows the Morris Ring Meetings according to the organising morris club, but also, and where necessary, shows the site for the meeting and other notes. Some precise dates were missing and we welcome contributions, comments, errors, etc., these should be reported to the WebEditor

All "official" events recorded since the creation of this website are now displayed in our Morris Ring Event Calendar and Morris Ring Meetings are automatically appended to this index and you can click on the entry to display the actual meeting's details

27th Oct 2006: Some corrections, thanks to the late John Prie of St Albans MM, who pointed out:

... we (SAMM) have the same problem as you when it comes to giving the Morris Ring Meeting date as either a single day (normally the Saturday) or as the spread of days (normally Friday to Sunday). Sometimes our log reports state when men arrived and left: sometimes they don't. Your list is not consistent in this ...

Yes, Chris Metherell's Excel file reports the date as the Saturday, but this web version uses Friday to Sunday for recent meetings. The first log used Friday to Sunday, then w/e, and there were also single day meetings.

In 1935, the Earliest Morris Ring Directory listed fourteen clubs. Between 1935 and 1940 The Morris Ring held 18 more meetings; Thaxted MM hosted five of these, the rest were organised by various individuals under the auspices of the Morris Ring.


1 Inaugural Meeting Cecil Sharp House 20th October


2 Thaxted MM 31stMay to 2ndJune

3 Stow-on-the-Wold 13thto 15thSeptember


4 Cecil Sharp House 1stFebruary

5 Thaxted MM 5th to 7thJune

6 Wargrave 4th to 6thSeptember

7 Grasmere 18th to 20thSeptember


8 Cecil Sharp House 13thMarch

9 Thaxted MM w/e 5thJune 

10 Tideswell w/e 12thJune

11 Kettering w/e 18thSeptember


12 Cecil Sharp House 12thMarch

13 Thaxted MM w/e 11thJune

14 Stow-on-the-Wold w/e 17thSeptember

15 Manchester 29thOctober


16 Cecil Sharp House 18thMarch

17 Longridge w/e 13thMay

18 Thaxted MM w/e 10thJune


19 Cecil Sharp House 10thMarch

After the 19th Meeting clubs found increasing difficulties in arranging a Morris Ring Meeting due to the 1939/45 war, However, a number of clubs, for example Oxford MM with their May Day celebrations, did manage some dancing during the war, but there were no Morris Ring Meetings. The meetings started again in 1946. In the list below, where a morris side organises the meeting, this is shown as the first entry, where there is no 'organising side', the name of the place where the meeting was held is given.

1946 20 Cecil Sharp House 23rd March
  21 Stratford with folk festival 4th August
1947 22 Cecil Sharp House 22nd  March
  23 Thaxted MM 14th July
  24 Stratford 3rd August
1948 25 Thaxted MM 22nd  May
  26 Cecil Sharp House 25th September
1949 27 Cecil Sharp House 26th March
  28 Thaxted MM 28th May
  29 St Albans MM 10th September
1950 30 Cecil Sharp House 25th March
  31 Thaxted MM 20th May
  32 Bedford 9th September
1951 33 Thaxted MM 2nd June
  34 Oxford University MM Oxford 15th September
1952 35 Cecil Sharp House 22nd  March
  36 Thaxted MM 7th June
  37 Abingdon MM 6th September
  38 Tideswell 20th September
1953 39 Cecil Sharp House 14th March
  40 Thaxted MM 6th June
  41 DerwentMM / Kings MM / Newcastle MM Derwent Valley/Consett 29th August
  42 Ravensbourne MM Tonbridge 5th September
1954 43 Thaxted MM 29th May
  44 Whitchurch MM 21st Anniversary Aylesbury 3rd July
  45 White Horse MM Salisbury 4th September
  46 Coventry MM 11th September
1955 47 Cambridge MM 21st Anniversary of Ring Cambridge 15th April
  48 Thaxted MM 21st May
  49 Oxford University MM Cotswolds 28th May
  50 London Morris Clubs 9th July
  51 Men of Mercia Lichfield 3rd September
  52 Manchester MM 17th September
1956 53 Leeds MM / White Rose MM West Riding - Leeds 21st April
  54 Thaxted MM 26th May
  55 Abingdon MM 15th September
  56 Ring / EFDSS Instructional Cecil Sharp House 22nd  September
1957 57 Cecil Sharp House Instructional 30th March
  58 Thaxted MM 1st June
  59 Winchester MM 29th June
  60 Burton upon Trent MM Derby 7th September
  61 Thames Valley MM Kingston 21st September
1958 62 Cecil Sharp House 22nd  March
  63 Thaxted MM 31st May
  64 Colchester MM 6th September
  65 Monkseaton MM Whitley Bay13th September
1959 66 Cecil Sharp House 11th April
  67 Kings MM Instructional Newcastle 18th April
  68 Thaxted MM 30th May
  69 Exeter MM 11th July
  70 Headington MM Silver Jubilee Meeting 5th September
  71 Ludlow MM 27th September
1960 72 Cecil Sharp House Instructional 12th March
  73 Thaxted MM 11th June
  74 East Surrey MM Reigate 10th September
  75 Monkseaton MM Whitley Bay 24th September
1961 76 Leeds Instructional 15th April
  77 Cecil Sharp House Instructional 22nd April
  78 Thaxted MM 50th Anniversary 27th May
  79 Birmingham 5th July
  80 Bedford MM 9th September
  81 Manchester MM 23rd September
1962 82 London Instructional 10th March
  83 Thaxted MM 16th June
  84 Gloucestershire MM Cheltenham 14th July
  85 Newcastle MM 22nd  September
1963 86 Sheffield University Instructional Sheffield 9th March
  87 Cecil Sharp House Instructional 16th March
  88 Thaxted MM 8th June
  89 London Clubs Lond on 6th July
  90 Martlets MM Chichester 7th September
  91 Sheffield University Instructional Sheffield 23rd November
1964 92 Cecil Sharp House Instructional 8th February
  93 Thaxted MM 23rd May
  94 Shakespeare MM Stratford 13th June
  95 Newcastle/Monkseaton/Stockton/Derwent Valley MM Durham 5th September
  96 Winchester MM 12th September
1965 97 London Instructional 13th March
  98 Thaxted MM 22nd May
  99 Mendip MM Wells 3rd July
  100 Oxford City MM Oxford 4th September
  101 Hand sworth Traditional Sword Dancers Sheffield 18th September
  102 London Instructional 30th October
1966 103 Cecil Sharp House Instructional 19th March
  104 Thaxted MM 21st May
  105 Leicester MM 3rd September
  106 St Albans MM 24th September
  107 Sheffield University Instructional Sheffield 19th November
1967 108 Cecil Sharp House Instructional (Roy Dommett on Longborough) 11th March
  109 Thaxted MM 3rd June
  110 Chanctonbury Ring MM Brighton 8th July
  111 Green Man MM Sutton Coldfield 16th September
1968 112 London Instructional (Rapper) 30th March
  113 Thaxted MM 18th May
  114 Monkseaton MM Whitley Bay 13th July
  115 Derby MM 14th September
1969 116 London Instructional 22nd  March
  117 Thaxted MM 20th June
  118 Shakespeare MM Stratford 28th June
  119 Colchester MM Colchester 26th July
  120 Uttoxeter & Stafford MM Staffordshire 6th September
1970 121 London Instructional 21st March
  122 Thaxted MM June 5th to 7th
  123 Exeter MM 12th to 14th July
  124 Foresters MM Nottingham. 24th to 26th July
  125 Bristol MM September
  126 Coventry MM 12th September
1971 127 London Instructional 13th March
  128 Manchester MM 17th Apr
  129 Thaxted MM 4th to 6th June
  130 Cambridge MM 2nd to 4th July
  131 S.Shropshire MM Ludlow 3rd to 5th September
  132 White Rose MM Huddersfield September
1972 133 London Instructional March
  134 Thaxted MM 2nd to 4th June
  135 Westminster MM & London Clubs: Beaux, Greensleeves, Westminster, Hammersmith and  London Pride 8th July
  136 Ravensbourne MM Bromley 1st to3rd September
  137 Green Man MM Sutton Coldfield 23rdSeptember
1973 138 London Instructional March
  139 Thaxted MM 1st to 3rd June
  140 Green Ginger MM Beverley 8th to 10th June
  141 Gloucestershire MM Gloucester 13th to 15th July
  142 Wessex MM Yeovil 2nd  September
  143 Uttoxeter & Stafford MM Uttoxeter 8th September
1974 144 London Instructional 30th March
  145 Thaxted MM 8th June
  146 West Somerset MM Taunton 13th July
  147 Winchester MM 20th July
  148 Headington Quarry MM Headington 7th September
  149 Handsworth Traditional Sword Dancers Sheffield 14th September
1975 150 London Instructional 22nd  March
  151 Thaxted MM 31st May
  152 Shakespeare Stratford 28th June
  153 East Suffolk MM Ipswich 12th July
  154 Whitchurch MM Aylesbury 6th September
  155 Furness MM Lakeland 27th September
1976 156 London Instructional 13th March
  157 Thaxted MM 5th June
  158 Greensleeves MM Chipperfield 10th July
  159 Dolphin MM Nottingham 25th July
  160 Cardiff MM Cardiff 21st August
  161 Mersey MM Chester 4th September
  162 East Surrey MM Guildford 11th September
1977 163 London Instructional 26th March
  164 Manchester MM 23rd April
  165 St Albans MM 11th June 
  166 Newcastle MM Heddon-on-the-Wall 18th June
  167 Thaxted MM (Programme shows this as No165) 25th July
  168 Colchester MM 16th July
  169 Derby MM 23rd July
  170 Ravensbourne MM Keston 3rd September
1978 171 Thaxted MM 3rd June
  172 Offley MM Luton 24th June
  173 Benfleet Hoymen Rochford 22nd  July
  174 South Shropshire MM Ludlow 2nd  September
1979 175 Thaxted MM 2nd June
  176 Green Ginger MM Hull 23rd June
  177 Giffard MM Wolverhampton 7th July
  178 Men of Wight MM Isle of Wight 11th August
  179 Moulton MM Moulton 1st September
1980 180 Thaxted MM 31st May
  181 Trigg MM Bodmin Cancelled
  182 Silurian MM Ledbury 12th July
  183 Lothians MM Edinburgh 19th July
  184 Chanctonbury Ring MM Brighton 26th July
  185 London Clubs London 6th September
  186 Bristol M 13th September (Due to the cancellation of 181, the publicity material for this meeting erroneously gives this as No 185)
1981 187 Thaxted MM 30th May
  188 Coventry MM Coventry 20th June
  189 West Somerset MM Minehead 4th July
  190 Derby MM Cancelled
  191 Kennett MM Shiplake 24th to 26th July
  192 Wath MM Wath on Dearne 5th September
1982 193 Thaxted MM 5th June
  194 Hartley MM Wrotham 24th July
  195 Icknield Way MM Cancelled
  196 Wessex MM Sherborne 21st August
  197 Stafford/Uttoxeter MM Stafford 4th September
1983 198 Thaxted MM 4th June
  199 Offley MM Lilley 25th June (Publicity material mistakenly as No 200)
  200 White Horse MM Warminster 16th July
  201 Men of Wight MM Isle of Wight 13th August
  202 Moulton MM 3rd September
1984 203 Thaxted MM 2 June
  204 Preston Royal MM Preston 23rd June
  205 Cambridge MM 6th -.8th July 
  206 Greensleeves MM Chipperfield 14th July
  207 Wantsum/East Kent/Kings MM Canterbury 1st September
1985 208 Thaxted MM 1st June
  209 Yateley MM 29th June
  210 Faithful City MM Worcester 20th July
  211 Helmond  MM Holland 24th August
  212 Cardiff MM 7th September
1986 ---- Manchester MM 10th May (Insufficient sides expressed interest in the 1986 meeting in Manchester, and  so it was scrapped)
  213 Shakespeare MM 100th Anniversary Bidford 24th May
  214 Thaxted MM 31st May
  215 White Rose MM Yorkshire 5th June
  216 East Surrey MM Surrey 19th July
  217 Harthill MM Sheffield 6th September
1987 218 Colchester MM 16th May
  219 Thaxted MM 6th June
  220 Claro Sword Knaresborough 4th July
  221 Exeter MM Crediton 18th July
1988 222 King John's MM Southampton 21st May
  223 Thaxted MM 4th June
  224 Whitchurch MM Tring 2nd  July
  225 Trigg MM Bodmin 9th July
  226 Wantsum MM Canterbury 3rd September 
  227 White Hart MM Redditch 8th October
1989 228 Thaxted MM 3rd June
  229 Dolphin MM Nottingham 24th June 
  230 Durham Rams MM 8th July
  231 Kennet MM Douai Abbey Woolhampton 21st to 23rd July
  232 Dartington MM 2nd September
1990 233 Thaxted MM 2nd June
  234 St. Albans MM 7th July
  235 White Horse MM 14th July
  236 Men of Wight MM Isle of Wight 11th August
  237 Bristol MM 1st September
1991 238 Thaxted MM 1st June
  239 Ripley MM 6th July
  240 Martlet Sword & MM 27th July
  241 Leicester MM 7th September
1992 242 Thaxted MM 30th May
  243 Faithful City MM 11th June
  244 Boars Head MM 27th June
  245 Bedford MM 18th July
  246 Forest of Dean MM 22nd August
  247 Hartley MM Wrotham 5th September
1993 248 Utrecht MM Holland 15th May
  249 Thaxted MM 5th June
  250 Richmond shire MM 19th June
  251 Benfieldside MM 10th July
  252 Winchester MM 4th September
  253 Chalice MM 18th September
1994 254 Thaxted MM 4th June
  255 Letchworth MM 25th June
  256 Harthill MM Sheffield 16th July
  257 Silurian Border MM Ledbury 23rd July
1995 258 Moulton MM 20th May
  259 Thaxted MM 3rd June
  260 East Suffolk MM 10th June
  261 Dolphin MM Nottingham 1st July
  262 Rutland MM 15th July
  263 Men of Wight MM Isle of Wight 5th August
1996 264 Richmondshire MM 18th May
  265 Thaxted MM 1st June
  266 Trigg MM Bodmin 13th July
  267 Icknield Way MM 20th July
  268 Silkeborg MM 24th August
1997 269 Thaxted MM 31st May
  270 Stockton MM 21st June
  271 South Shropshire/Jockey MM 12th July
  272 Wessex MM 16th August
1998 273 Richmondshire MM 16th May
  274 Thaxted MM 30th May
  275 Shakespeare MM & Chipping Campden MM Chipping Campden 20th June
  276 Exeter MM 25th July
1999 277 Thaxted MM 5th June
  278 Long Man MM 17th July
  279 Silurian Border MM Ledbury 24th July
  280 Leicester MM 11th September
2000 281 Richmond  on Swale MM 13th May
  282 Thaxted MM 3rd June
  283 Anker MM 24th June
  284 Chalice MM 22nd  July
2001 285 Thaxted MM 2nd  June
  286 Boars Head MM 30th June
  287 Greensleeves MM 14th July
  288 East Surrey MM 18th August
2002 289 Richmond  on Swale MM 30th June
  290 Thaxted MM 8thJune
  291 Silurian MM 20th July
  292 Bristol MM 27th July
  293 Hartley MM Wrotham 31st August
2003 294 Thaxted MM 31st May
  295 Ripley MM 14th June
  296 Benfieldside MM 40th Anniversary 12th July
  297 Winchester MM 50th Anniversary 6th September
2004 298 Dolphin MM Nottingham 15th May
  299 Thaxted MM 5th June
  300 Uttoxeter Heart of Oak MM 17th July
2005 301 Helmond MM 70th Anniversary Holland  21st May
  302 Thaxted MM 4th June
  303 Durham Rams 40th Anniversary 18th June
  304 Long Man MM Eastbourne 23rd July
  305 St.Albans 75th Anniversary 30thJuly
2006 306 Thaxted MM 3rd June
  307 Greensleeves MM 15th July
  308 Mendip MM 50th Anniversary 22nd  July
2007 309 Thaxted MM John Bull Meeting 2nd  June
  310 Ripley MM 25th Anniversary 30th June
  311 Stafford MM 50th Anniversary 22nd  July
  312 Ravensbourne & Hartley MM Geoff Metcalf Meeting Tonbridge 1st September
2008 313 Thaxted MM 75th Anniversary 30th May to 1st June
  314 Whitchurch MM 60th Anniversary, 4th to 6th July
  315 Liverpool M 80th Anniversary 11th to 13th July
  316 Dartington MM  40th Anniversary 5th to 7th September
2009   The Morris Ring's 75th Anniversary Year
  317 Thaxted MM 29th to 31st May
  318 Hartley MM Wrotham 12th to 14th June
  319 Exeter MM 24th to 26th July
  320 Men of Wight MM Isle of Wight 21st to 23rd August
  321 Bathampton MM 4th to 6th September
2010 322 Morrisdansgroep Helmond  75th Anniversary Meeting Holland 30th Apr to 2nd  May
  323 Thaxted MM 4th to 6th June
  324 Trigg MM Bodmin 3rd to 5th September
  325 Castleford Longsword 10th to 12th September
2011 326 Moulton MM 20th to 22nd May
  327 Thaxted MM 3rd to 5th June
  328 Not held (under-subscribed and replaced by Family Day of Dance run by Wath-upon-Dearne MM 24th to 26th June)
  329 Greensleeves MM 8th to 10th July
  330 Rutland MM 22nd to 24th July


All "official" events recorded since the creation of this website are now displayed in our Morris Ring Event Calendar and Morris Ring Meetings are automatically appended to this index. You can click on the entry to display the actual meeting's details. 

331 Cotswold Olympicks Morris Meeting, hosted by Chipping Campden MM 25 May to 27 May
332 Annual Thaxted meeting, hosted by Thaxted MM 8 June to 10 June
333 Letchworth MM 90th Anniversary Meeting 13 July to 15 July
334 Hartley MM 60th Anniversary Morris Meeting 31 August to 2 September
335 The Inaugural Adelaide Ring Meeting 5 April to 7 April
336 Annual Thaxted meeting, hosted by Thaxted MM 31 May to 2 June
337 Morris Meeting hosted by Dolphin MM 21 June to 23 June
338 Morris Meeting hosted by Martlet Sword & Morris Men 5 July to 7 July
339 The Copenhagen Morris Meeting hosted by Silkeborg MM 23 August to 25 August
340 Devil's Dyke Morris Meeting - King's Ely 4 April to 6 April
341 Thaxted Annual Ring Meeting 30 May to 1 June
342 The 40th Saddleworth Rushcart - hosted meeting of Morris Ring sides 22 August to 24 August
343 Dartington Morris Meeting 5 September to 7 September
344 Helmond 80th Anniversary Ring Meeting 8 May to 10 May
345 Thaxted Morris Meeting 29 May to 31 May
346 Hartley Meeting 10 July to 12 July
347 Mersey MM One-Day Meeting 15 August
348 Saddleworth Rushcart 21 August to 23 August
349 Anker Morris Men 40th Anniversary Morris Meeting 4 September to 6 September
350 Thaxted Morris Meeting 3 June to 5 June
351 Greensleeves Chipperfield Weekend 8 July to 10 July
352 East Surrey Morris Men's 90th Anniversary Meeting 15 July to 17 July
353 Saddleworth Rushcart Meeting 19 August to 21 August
354 East Suffolk Meeting 2 September to 4 September
355 Hartley 65th Anniversary Meeting 9 June to 11 June
356 The London Ring Meeting 28 July to 30 July
356 The Saddleworth Rushcart 25 August to 27 August
357 Hartley Morris Ale Ring Meeting 8 June to 10 June
358 Helmond Ring Meeting 22 June to 24 June
359 Saddleworth Rushcart Ring Meeting 2018 24 August to 26 August
360 Utrecht Ring Meeting 22 June to 23 June
361 Jockey MM 70th / Shakespeare MM 60th Ring Meeting 19 July to 21 July
362 St Albans Morris Ring Meeting - CANCELLED 31 July to 2 August
363 The Saddleworth Rushcart Ring Meeting - Cancelled 21 August to 22 August
364 Plymouth Morris Mayflower Morris Muster Marine Ring Meeting + Photos by Steven Archer 4 September
365 Peterborough Morris Cathedral City Day Ring Meeting (Postponed from 2020) 25 September
365 Letchworth Centenary Ring Meeting - Fully Subscribed ! 15 July to 17 July
366 The Saddleworth Rushcart Weekend 19 August to 21 August
367 Saddleworth Rushcart 2023 - 47th Annual Rushcart Festival & Ring Meeting 25 August to 27 August
368 Cambridge Morris Men, Centenary Spring Day of Dance Ring Meeting 27 April