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The Morris Dancer all 1st edition Issues now published

The Morris Dancer all 1st edition Issues now published

STOP PRESS:  All 21 "digital" editions of volume 1 have now be uploaded, together with a fully comprehensive index.

John Jenner kicked of the thought process that has resulted in the publication in searchable, downloadable pdf format of the missing issues of the Morris Dancer. Thanks to the efforts of Matt Simons who has scanned the complete first volume from his full collection, and the Morris Ring who have purchased a rather good OCR programme to enable me to convert them digitally into full text, we are well on the way to publishing all missing volumes. .

Even with the best technology it is quite a labour of love converting, re-justifying and proof reading, and it may be a little while before the next volume can be produced. We have agreed that the result should be faithful to the original type face and layout created by Bagman, the late Ewart Russell starting back in May 1978. We’ve even included the coloured cover pages, and link to the original scan.

I have great respect for his typing ability and was able to find only a few “typos”, some of which I’ve corrected, as I have where he has indicated there was a missing word or number to be inserted. However he seems to have taken great delight at ignoring the bell on his typewriter when it indicated he had reached the right margin. I have overwritten the OCR software’s justification of the pages and have retained Ewart’s somewhat idiosyncratic page layout!

All issues include correspondence commenting on previous articles and letters – a Remington version of Facebook (or was it an Olivetti?) !


Peter de Courcy
The Morris Ring Website Editor
& Social Network Coordinator


Issue 1.1        May 1978: English Pipe And Tabor - Heart Of The Morris; Colchester Morris; A Boys' Side; Cross Over By Rant (Crossword)

Issue 1.2        November 1978: The Tradition In The South; The Kirtlington Morris; Notes On The Kirtlington Tradition; Correspondence

Issue 1.3        March 1979: From The Squire Of The Morris Ring – A Response; The Morris Ring; Informal Talk On The Early Morris Revival Given By Russell; Headington Quarry - The Social Background; Some Possessions Of The Morris Ring.

Issue 1.4        August 1979: Walter Arson's Section. Of The Talk Given To The Morris Clubs Of London; The Traditional Repertoire; Correspondence Including Douglas Kennedy Writing About Cecil Sharp; Pomfret Morris; Pomfret In Canada

Issue 1.5        November 1979: Pomfret In Canada (Cont.); Jinky Wells, Master Fool And Self Taught Fiddler; A History Of The Morris Clubs Of London; More From Walter Abson, First Bagman Of The Morris Ring On Its History

Issue 1.6        March 1980: Jonathan Hooton On Kemp's 'Nine Daies Wonder; Notes About The Sherborne Morris; Notes On Two Defunct Clubs; Greensleeves Morris Men 1926 A History Of The Club; Editorial Can We Avoid "Overdancing?

Issue 1.7        August 1980: Morris Dancing In The South Midlands A Brief Assessment Of The Source Material; The Morris In Oxford; The Yateley Morris Men     Germany, 1979; Thaxted Morris;  Stansted And Hartley Morris Men

Issue 1.8        November 1980: Local Newspapers As A Source For The History Of Morris In The South Midlands; Glorishears; From Norwich; Ravensbourne M.M. In France

Issue 1.9        March 1981: A Case Study: Eynsham; Bonny Green Garters; Lionel Bacon - A Few Personal Reminiscences Of My Earliest Morris Year

Issue 1.10     August 1981: Bob Grant, Headington Quarry Morris Dancers Response; The Papa Stour Sword Dance: Some Notes On Its Recent History;  Mike Heaney Oxfordshire Newspaper Searches; Roy Dommett’s Comments On Several Previous Topics; Crotals; Mike Heaney's 'Whitsun Dates'; And Harry De Caux's List Of Clubs That Over The Years Have Been To The Unique Thaxted Meeting

Issue 1.11     November 1981: Bill Banbury, The Morris in Scotland; Trevor Stone response to Papa Stour article and Keith Chandler’s reply; Trevor stone Longsword Survey results; Jim Bartlett, Ravensbourne MM, Solo Morris Jig: Orpington to Worcester; Pete Ansbro, Leyland MM, Jimmy Grant obituary; Eddie Dunmore & A. Simons, Ravensbourne MM, St. Mary Cray: A Lost Morris Tradition?

Issue 1.12     March 1982: Douglas Kennedy response to Morris in Scotland aalso Morris Sides Foreign Visits memories; Don French (Foreman Banchory Team) A Scottish Morris man's "response" to "Morris in Scotland"; Mike Heaney, The Dean Forest Traditions also 19c Whitsun Newspaper Extracts; Stuart Lawrence, Furness Morris Men French Visit

Issue 1.13     August 1982: Pruw Boswell, The North West Morris Dance; Paul Davenport, The Morris at Lower Swell (Glos); Douglas Kennedy, Gypsies and Forest –Morris; Roy Dommett, Travelling Morris also The Forest Of Dean Morris and Miss Neal’s Notes and Experiences; Ivo Barnes, Squire ESMM, East Suffolk in Jordan.

Issue 1.14     November 1982 : Roy Dommett, My Lord of Sherborne’s Jig; Philip Heath-Coleman & Roy Dommett’s responses to Morris at Lower Swell, Roy Smith, Leyland MM, response to The North West Morris; John Jenner, Chipping Campden; Mike Heaney, Whitsun Ale at Milton-under-Wychwood; Douglas Kennedy, Cecil Sharp’s Summer Schools; William Palmer and Charlie Williams, Early memories of the Morris and Letchworth

Issue 1.15     March 1983: Keith Chandler, Morris at Lower Swell; Mike Heaney,  George Butterworth Kinora “movie”; Ewart Unicorn (Adlington MM), Horse Droppings & Beasts; Mike Heaney, The Wychwood Linked-handkerchief Dance; Paul Davenport, The Vessel-Cuppers of Holderness

Issue 1:16     August 1983: Douglas Kennedy, Butterworth Dancing; Mike Heaney, Headington and Field Town;  C D Smith, Clive Carey 1883 – 1968 Centenary; Philip S Heath- Coleman, Queen’s Delight, Headington Quarry; Roy Dommett, The Dommett Film Archive; Walter Abson, Arthur Peck's work on Morris dance notation and description; Carl Willetts, Pipe & Tabor

Issue 1.17     November 1983: Bob Grant, Headington MM, on James Dandridge; Mike Heaney How Do You Do, A Morris Murder & Morris Dancers At Cheltenham; Keith Chandler, Morris Dancing in the South Midlands volumes; Datchet Morris Men and the Stanton Harcourt tradition; Walter Abson, The Anonymous Donor; Ivor Allsop, The Ring Archive;  Carl Willetts, The Traditional Pipe And Tabor

Issue 1.18     March 1984: Mike Heaney, Morris Dancers at Cheltenham and Traditional Pie & Tabor; Keith Chandler comments on Issue 17; Julian Pilling, The Dolmetsch pipe; Trevor Stone, The Ampleforth Longsword Dance; Gael Turnbull, Some Notes on Bromyard Morris; Roy Dommett, What Has Been Happening to the Morris?, Eynsham Hand Movements, Butterworth's Kinora and Filedtown/Bampton; Philip Heath-Coleman, Lads a Bunchum

Issue 1.19     August 1984: Philip Heath-Coleman, Lads a Bunchum contd; Walter Abson, The Morris Ring; Anthony Heywood, Morris Dancing In Helmond (Holland); Keith Chandler, Border Morris; Dr. Christopher Cawte, More on Three-hole Pipes; Pruw Boswell, Morris Extra;  Mike Heaney, Court Reports; Geoff Rye, Shoemaker's Window: Recollections of Banbury in Oxfordshire Before the Railway Age; Crotals; Philip Heath-Coleman, Crotals; Clive Gare, Longsword in The Hilton

Issue 1.20     November 1984: Walter Abson and Douglas Kennedy, The Morris Ring in 1939 – 1940 – The Impact of War; Julian Pilling, How Colne Royal Got Its Big Drum; Carl Willetts, A Puritan View of Morris Dancers; Compiled by The Editor, East Suffolk Morris Men's Summer Tour, 1984; Douglas Kennedy, Nellie Chapman; Cyril Smith, Thames Valley Morris Men Early History

Issue 1.21     March 1985 Ewart Russell’s final edition as editor: Dancing in The Short Days – contributions from several clubs of Yuletide Activities; Geoffrey Metcalf, Learning the Morris; Roy Dommett,  Oz Morris is Alive and Well; Ted Purver, The Morris in Cambridge