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The Morris Dancer, Volume 1 Index

This index is dedicated, with respect, gratitude and affection, to the memory of Ewart James Russell, sometime Bagman of the Morris Ring (1959-1971) and founding Editor of The Morris Dancer [who died in 1989], so wrote Eddie Dumore, his successor. This completes the digital upload of Issue One.
I can do no better than offer the introduction of the Editor at the time, Eddie Dumore. All I can add is that this must have been an massive undertaking.  Just optical character reading the scanned document and proof reading was a significant task (including Matt Simon's scanning). I hope this searchable document will add real value to the on-line library. Enjoy ...
Peter de Courcy
Website Editor
"Any production of this nature engenders debts of gratitude to helpers along the way.
First and foremost, all of us owe a tremendous debt to the late Ewart Russell, past Bagman of the Morris Ring and first Editor of The Morris Dancer. He typed every character manually (with copious additions of Tippex), collated and stapled every printed sheet (I still have the long-reach stapler that he used) and hand-wrote the address on every envelope for each issue. Without his dedication The Morris Dancer might well not have happened. (More about Ewart)
Secondly, Walter Abson saw the need for an Index and successfully proposed it at an Advisory Council Meeting.
Thirdly, Ted Purver performed the essential job of listing all the articles, authors, subjects and keywords -thereby preventing the passage of at least another year before publication.
I have attempted to identify all references that will help future researchers, erring on the side of triviality rather than attempting an evaluation of significance. I will be grateful for knowledge of any identified errors and/or infelicities, bearing in mind that at some point I shall have to produce a similar publication for Volume Two.
I hope that you find it enjoyable and of use"
Eddie Dunmore
August 1992
Publication date: 
August 1992