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The Morris Dancer is the occasional journal of the Morris Ring. Latest and previous editions are available here for download, in Adobe PDF format.

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At the 2014 Jigs Instructional, the three Editors agreed to remind readers what sort of material would be accepted for each Ring publication. In the case of The Morris Dancer, it is any article, paper or study which expands our knowledge of the Morris in all its forms. It is better that the text is referenced, so that other researchers may follow up if they wish to do so, but non-referenced writing will be considered.

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We are adding optically character read (OCR) versions of all of the Morris Dancer back catalogue working forwards from Issue 1 - May 1978. It is something of a labour of love and it will take some time, but we have the will and the technology! Issue One, including its index , is now complete.

Latest edition

The latest edition of The Morris Dancer is The Morris Dancer Volume 6, Number 2 November 2020 , published November 2020. File size is 2.13 MB.

Summary of contents

In this edition of the MD, I reproduce an article by Liz Mellish and Nick Green, originally presented at the ‘What to do with Folklore?’ International Interdisciplinary Symposium, Institute of Ethnomusicology SRC SASA, 24-29 September 2009 and Trapped in Folklore? Studies in music and dance tradition and their contemporary transformations, 2013. A very good juxtaposition of Romanian folk dance and English Morris dance, well researched and including some interesting analysis and an insight into Romanian traditional dance that most of us may be unfamiliar with.

George Frampton’s look at newspaper reports of traditional Molly dancing is an excellent and thorough piece of research. Let us also hope that, like Jameson Wooders, George will continue his researches and turn up some more fascinating Morris history.

As well as providing us with a memoir, John Jenner has listed some excellent material for future researchers in our field in his second contribution: the Travelling Morris and Old Dancers. It certainly demonstrates how much time and effort the TM spent in talking to the old dancers and validating their practice from the horse’s mouth.

An intriguing glimpse at a tangential but relevant part of Morris history is provided by Jameson Wooders. I can only hope that his curiosity will take him into other neglected corners of our tradition.

Peter Harrop’s response to Julian Whybra’s articles in previous editions of The MD. Julian is not a writer who steers shy of holding a controversial view on folk tradition, however if one holds to this standpoint, one must expect some well-researched flack.

Finally, I include an excellent article on Border Morris developments since 1963 by John Swift. Well researched and comprehensive, I have learned a lot from John’s writing and I hope when you read it, you will appreciate this facet of English traditional dance a lot more as a result. John’s essay on the Border tradition is a must-read for anyone interested in both Cotswold and Welsh Border Morris, being an excellent encapsulation of Border’s history and development in recent times.

It is my aim as Editor to provide a space in which writers, traditional dance historians, ethnographers, anthropologists and anyone interested in the study of Morris dance and associated traditions, can share their research and ideas.

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All editions of The Morris Dancer

Title Publication Size Summary
The Morris Dancer, Volume 1, No. 12. March 1982 292.33 KB Contributors include Douglas Kennedy, Don French, Mike Heaney and Stuart LawrenceMore
The Morris Dancer, Volume 1, No. 11. November 1981 285.7 KB Contributors include Bill Banbury, Trevor Stone, Keith Chandler, Jim Bartlett, Pete Ansbro, A Simons & Eddie DunmoreMore
The Morris Dancer, Volume 1, No. 10. August 1981 247.14 KB Contributors include Bob Grant Headington Quarry, Keith Chandler, M. Heaney, Roy Dommett, Jonathan HootonMore
The Morris Dancer, Volume 1, No. 9. March 1981 339.72 KB Keith Chandler, Mike Heaney, P.H. Coleman, Lionel Bacon, Past Bagman of The Ring Bob RossMore
The Morris Dancer, Volume 1, No. 8. November 1980 183.88 KB Contributors include Keith Chandler, Mike Heaney, Norris Winstone Kemps Men, John Wells Ravensbourne MMMore
The Morris Dancer, Volume 1, No. 7. August 1980 337 KB Contributors include Keith Chandler, Lionel Bacon, Mike Heaney & Roy Judge, David Berryman Yateley MM, Barbara Sunderland, Harry de Caux Thaxted...More
The Morris Dancer, Volume 1, No. 6. March 1980 359.73 KB Contributors include Jonathan Hooton, Roy Dommett, Keith Chandler, Terry Rees of Greensleeves MM, Russell WortleyMore
The Morris Dancer, Volume 1, No. 5. November 1979 296.17 KB Contributors include Ron Rockett &Trevor Ingham, Squires of Pomfret MM, Roy Dommett, Cyril D.Smith, Thames Valley M.M. More
The Morris Dancer, Volume 1, No. 4. August 1979 309.56 KB Contributors include Walter Absom, Roy Dommett, Douglas Kennedy and several correspondentsMore
The Morris Dancer, Volume 1, No. 3. March 1979 260.53 KB Includes articles by Ivor Allsop, Squire of the Morris Ring, Russell Wortley, Bagman of the Morris Ring, Jonathan Hooton, Squire of Wheatsheaf Morris...More