The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 29

The Newsletter - No. 29 – July / August 2003

First, some good news. After much work on PEL, we seem to have an exemption for Morris Dancing which will not have to be licensed. This does not seem to apply to mumming and the situation for other music only events is still far from clear. Until the 11th hour dancing was not exempted - now it seems that anything with dancing is exempt. Our thanks to all those who have been involved thus far, and particularly John Bacon of the Morris Federation and the EFDSS team. The work is far from finished, as we need to ensure that the drafting of the guidance notes [and the licence application form] are adequate. Various information [not the final verdict] is given on Pages 8 and 9, and John Burke provides some comment and suggests that “ … large chunks of the Bill are either unworkable in practice or will lead to numerous tedious and expensive challenges”.

This mailing includes a further note from the Treasurer. It should be read carefully as it includes further information on the Morris Ring Insurance, and indeed other matters.

I am also pleased to note that, following my early departure from the Thaxted Ring Meeting, rumours of my demise were greatly exaggerated!!! Heart and lungs appear healthy, and it may have been a cracked rib, or a strained or pulled muscle that incapacitated me for the Sunday. My thanks to Bob Cross of Chalice for acting as “Squire’s Runner” and scribe during the Sunday show, and to Helen Cross for missing out on watching the Sunday events, and driving me, and my car, home and then helping to sort out the trip to hospital.

Also enclosed with this mailing are: - Amendments to the new Directory, they keep coming in!! - Your copy/ies of the Morris Circular. I hope to have the Minutes of the ARM ready for the next Newsletter. 

John Frearson, Bagman, The Morris Ring
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August 2003