The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

The Morris Dancer, Volume 1, No. 19.

Philip Heath-Coleman, Walter Abson, Anthony Heywood, Keith Chandler, Dr. Christopher Cawte, Pruw Boswell, Mike Heaney, Geoff Rye, Clive Gare

August 1984: ; Philip Heath-Coleman, Lads a Bunchum contd; Walter Abson, The Morris Ring; Anthony Heywood, Morris Dancing In Helmond (Holland); Keith Chandler, Border Morris; Dr. Christopher Cawte, More on Three-hole Pipes; Pruw Boswell, Morris Extra;  Mike Heaney, Court Reports; Geoff Rye, Shoemaker's Window: Recollections of Banbury in Oxfordshire Before the Railway Age; Crotals; Philip Heath-Coleman, Crotals; Clive Gare, Longsword in The Hilton

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Publication date: 
August 1984