The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

The Morris Dancer, Volume 1, No. 18.

Contributors include Mike Heaney, Keith Chandler, Julian Pilling, Trevor Stone, Gael Turnbull, Roy Dommett & Philip S Heath-Coleman

MArch 1984: Mike Heaney, Morris Dancers at Cheltenham and Traditional Pie & Tabor;  Keith Chandler comments on Issue 17; Julian Pilling, The Dolmetsch pipe; Trevor Stone, The Ampleforth Longsword Dance; Gael Turnbull, Some Notes on Bromyard Morris; Roy Dommett, What Has Been Happening to the Morris?, Eynsham Hand Movements, Butterworth's Kinora and Filedtown/Bampton; Philip S Heath-Coleman, Lads a Bunchum

Publication date: 
March 1984