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Squire Elect Handover News

Squire Elect Handover News

Greetings All from the (current) Squire

The world of Morris Dancing is facing new and unprecedented challenges as a result of Covid-19. It has given me great joy to see the positive way in which the members of all three organisations have reacted to it.

Covid-19 and Lockdown have presented Simon  Newman and me with a new problem. It had always been my plan to dance out at the Plymouth Ring Meeting. Unfortunately, it has had to be, understandably, postponed along with it seems every other event. So how do we deal with the change of Squire of the Morris Ring?

The plan is this, Simon will officially take over as Squire of the Morris Ring at midday on Saturday 29th of August 2020. However, it seems we will not be able to do the traditional dancing out and in. For several reasons this is an important feature of the Morris Ring and should not be lightly discarded. So, part 2 of the plan. My own club, Jockey Morris, traditionally run a Day of Dance in Birmingham in late October. The date for this year was set last year at the 24th of October 2020. Simon and I will do the honours then. We do not know what the plan for the day will be and it would be foolish to try to plan at the moment due to the, sometimes rapidly, changing nature of the situation. It may be a small event with just the 2 of us doing our thing. Hopefully it will be a bit bigger than that. All I can say is watch this space.

Carry on Zooming. Carry on practicing those Jigs. But most of all please stay safe and stay well.

Pete Simpson.

Squire of the Morris Ring.