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Searching for Soul research

Searching for Soul research

Aimee Frank is a postgraduate student at the University of York who has asked us to share the following with all of our members and with other groups who may be interested in participating in research into living traditions.

They are researching and writing about the emotional and social aspects of performed traditions in the UK. Their research is an effort to bring attention to the roles which living traditions play in the lives of people and social groups, and that these are forms of heritage which deserve support. The research project is called " Searching for Soul".

They are looking for people involved in performance traditions, such as Morris dance, who would be willing to participate in informal interviews for the research project.

Interviews will focus on how performers view their art, why and how they came to participate, and how they feel the public views these traditions. They would also like to discuss what groups face problems, challenges, and issues in putting on performances, or regarding the future of their practice, and what forms of support would be useful or needed to continue a tradition.

All interviews will be conducted remotely, through online services such as Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet. Video calling is not necessary for the interview if participants would feel more comfortable with the camera off. Additionally, information from the interviews will be anonymized to protect the identities of individuals and group.

Interested participants should read the Project Information Sheet <pdf download>

before completing the online Research Consent Form which can be found at

Aimee is  happy to answer any questions or concerns about the project and can be reached at:

acf530 [at] york [dot] ac [dot] uk