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Morris Ring Subscription Carry Over to 2021

Morris Ring Subscription Carry Over to 2021

2020 has been a non-event as far as the Morris Ring membership is concerned as a result of the social distancing measures that are in place to stem the spread of Covid-19. 

This is the first time that it has happened and we the Morris Ring Officers recognise this and that there has not been the opportunity to dance out and collect whilst at the same time sides still have costs to meet.

The JMO insurance cover that was in place for 2020 as part of your membership renewal was irrelevant although paid for. With that in mind I am pleased to inform you that we, (MR Officers), have decided to carry over your membership fees and cover the cost for 2021, by which time hopefully we will be out dancing again.

During the current regime it is unclear how many sides will continue into next year. Some may have decided to call it a day, others may wish not to for different reasons. The vast majority will do so.

There are some actions that you need to complete for your side to get the cover and other benefits that membership gives;

  1. I have sent a link to a Google form that your bagman  will need to complete to indicate that your side wishes to renew or not renew, your membership and take this insurance cover proposal.

  1. I know that the majority of sides pay electronically either by standing order or bank transfer. If this applies then, please can you ensure that your 2021 payment is stopped so I don’t have to give refunds as you have paid your fees. You should have enough time to act on this.

I hope that you support this course of action so that we can renew the JMO cover into 2021 however should you have any questions please get in touch with me through your bagman.


Clayton Francis