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The Morris Ring Circular CD Appeal - FOUND!

The Morris Ring Circular CD Appeal - FOUND!

I'll be writing more, but thanks to Cliff Woolley - and the late John Maher who probably squirreled it away in the Bristol Bagmens' Treasure Trove - I am now in possession of the CD.  Uploading will begin shortly.

You may recall (or not) that we have been digitising back issues of the various Morris Ring publications and publishing them on the website.

I have now reached  issue number 41 of "The Circular". Whilst transcribing it I was surprised to read that Eddie Dunmore, the editor at that time (2002), was advertising for sale a CD of pdfs of the previous 10 editions,  31 - 40.  It had long been thought no digital back issues remained from before 2009.

It would save much scanning and proof reading if we were able to upload those issues, should anyone have succumbed to Eddie's salesmanship - and still have a copy they would be willing to loan for the project! Fortunately I'm working backwards and haven't reached the series - yet.

Perhaps I shouldn't hold my breath, but I live in hopeful foolishness.

Peter de Courcy
webeditor [at] themorrisring [dot] org (Web Editor)