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Lords of Misrule made the Crowdfunder target!

Lords of Misrule made the Crowdfunder target!

Enjoy Rob Elliott's Fool and his Dancers? I did and as a Fool I was happy to help get his next project relaunched ...

Anyone who has read The Fool and his Dancers might have noticed the bit about why a sequel is not needed, but never trust a writer, that’s what they say!

TARGET MET - a message from Rob ...

Well, It has been a bit hectic for the last four weeks, and I didn't manage to fit in another update. However, we did reach the target, so now Lords of Misrule can be published - the process will begin on Monday 7th October and I hope the books will come off the press by the end of the month. All I can add to that is to thank you most humbly once more for supporting this project, for believing in it and doing what was needed to make it happen. I really do appreciate it because, without your support, I would not have been able to finance the publication. Let's hope the book hits the spot with you all, and my thanks to you all again.

The fact is, the first book has nearly sold out – a big part of the incentive to write the new story - Lords of Misrule. Not just more of the same, but a look at Silurian through another lens. Crowdfunding this enabled him to round off the story of Silurian Border Morris in their 50th anniversary year, which will be an excellent climax to their celebrations. Here is the link: for more informaton.