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Does your side want to be in a movie?

Does your side want to be in a movie?

You may recall we featured song-writers Phil Chappell and Phil Hambling's song and video “A Hundred Years Hence” starring still images of many morris sides.

On May Day, 2021, it will be released as a single and will be available for download through iTunes and other leading stores and will be available for streaming on Spotify and other streaming services. With its release they are hopeful that both the music and video of Morris dancing can reach the wider public, thus this endorsement.

Many of you would have seen the original video for "A Hundred Years Hence". It has been viewed by Morris sides around the world and has been very warmly received. On the songs page of their website is an updated version of that video. The Youtube link is . In this update, they have included the lyrics and have credited those sides who identified themselves either through comments left on the Youtube page or by email.

They are planning to produce a new video to coincide with the release of the single and are inviting Morris sides to participate in this. Instead of still photographs, though, the video would be constructed from videos supplied by the Morris sides, and they want to identify all the sides that are featured.

Full details are available on their website at

All the sides who feature in the video will have on onscreen credit and it will be made clear that copyright for the clips used will remain with the participating Morris sides.

Any videos submitted should adhere to the JMO’s policy on the use of full-face black makeup.

Please send your contributions by 10th April 2021.

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