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Cliff Barstow Memorial Jig Competition

Cliff Barstow Memorial Jig Competition

A message from Dan Baker, Bagman, White Rose Morris Men.

We at White Rose Morris Men were saddened at the unavoidable cancellation of many of the Folk Festivals and Day of Dances, etc. Not ones to sit twiddling our hankies, we decided it wouldn't stop us from bringing the Morris to as many people as possible, and so we are throwing caution to the wind (and really testing our broadband services!) by hosting an online version of our annual Cliff Barstow Memorial Jig Competition. This will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 24th May from 2:30pm. Space is still available for entries from our website at and follow the links on the front page.

If you don't fancy dancing a Cotswold jig for us, you can still join in and watch via the live stream at our facebook page; there will be some audience participation.


Information for competitors:

Entry will be online, by email only.

Entries will open on Sunday May 3rd and will be limited to the first 20 applications. First come first served!

Please choose your first dance from the following list:

  • Old Tom of Oxford: Bampton
  • Princess Royal: Bledington
  • Ladies' Pleasure: Bledington
  • The Nutting Girl: Field Town
  • I'll Go and Enlist: Sherborne

You should prepare to dance this jig live when called upon by the compere. We will try to establish and stick to a running order, which will be published on the White Rose website, but things might change at short notice! The music used for this jig must be the prerecorded music downloaded from this site (see Get the Music).

Please also prepare a second dance: any standard jig, but you must supply your own music or musician, or use one of the above. A second dance will only be required from the 6 finalists (but you need to prepare one in case!).

Note: Dances should be a single jig drawn from the normal Cotswold repertoire, in a standard versions. Judges will be looking for good style, not fancy tricks!

Hope to see you there

White Rose Morris Men