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All Done - Morris Publications Circulars 31 - 40

All Done - Morris Publications Circulars 31 - 40

A little personal indulgence, if I may ...

I previously reported that having reached  the uploading of issue number 41 of "The Circular" to the website, I read that Eddie Dunmore, the editor at that time (2002), was advertising for sale a CD of pdfs of the previous 10 editions.  (The CD Insert)

It had long been thought no digital back issues remained from before 2009 and, despite investment in some excellent OCR software, scanning and proof reading back issues (kindly provided by Duncan Broomhead, Dudley Binding and John Burke), the digitisation project has been very time consuming.  The thought of effortlessly uploading 10 back issues had massive appeal - so appeal I did!

A plea on the Google Group, the website and Facebook was made in hope rather than expectation, as it was never sure whether existing subscribers would shell out £6.50 (£10 in today's money) and there was no record of sales - BFB had something to say about that! 

But no harm in asking, I thought, even though nearly 20 years of dust would have accumulated.  Early responses were pessimistic (and some amusingly so) but, low and behold this email pinged into my in box:

Hi Peter.  This rang a vague bell.  Several members of Bristol Morris Men departed in quick succession back in 2011, and as Bagman at the time I inherited some of the odds and sods.  Included among them I've rediscovered the CD you're looking for.  Obviously Eddie worked his magic on either John Maher or Paul Woods.

I'll check this evening that it still works okay.  Assuming it does, send me your address and I'll pop it in the post tomorrow.

Cliff Woolley
Bagman (once again) Bristol MM 

And work it did and Cliff brilliantly popped it in the post straight away and the results are now on-line for all to see, and for posterity. There really are some fascinating articles ... and correspondence that leaves Facebook and MDDL standing !
The Morris Ring Circular

As I shared with Cliff, it would almost certainly be John Maher's, who would no doubt have plugged it on our website that he originally created, in return for a free copy, We retained quite a bit of his legacy when we created the new site and to be able to continue his contribution very nearly 10 years since he left us is most serendipitous.  I hope you enjoy them.  Meanwhile back to the scanning. Only 30 issues to go! 

Peter de Courcy

Website Editor