Upton on Severn on theTravelling Morrice tour of 1924  taken by Peter Fox

"Although they had not danced for four or five years, Mr Griffin collected a set of dancers together to show Maud Karpeles two dances on the evening of June 10th1925. The dancers consisted of himself, his two sons, his sons in law, whilst Alf, the eldest son, played the concertina. His daughter Edith was also involved to make up the numbers and appears on the photographs that were taken on the same occasion. Edith herself claimed that this happened quite often before this occasion, but only if the side was short of men". 



The Roots of Welsh Border Morris, by Dave Jones, Revised Ed. 1995.






MK (Jour EFDSS, 1933, p.101); RD (MK MSS). TYhe music: Hornpipes for stick dance (e.g. Brighton Camp, Yankee Doodle), jig-tunes for handkerchief dance (e.g. Bonnets So Blue). The tune published by MK for the stick dance was collected by her in Newfoundland and was not a morris tune. Concertina in the 1920s; fiddler before that.

Tunes from the Upton-On-Severn tradition

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