There are currently no notes or tunes for this tradition on the old Morris Ring website.  However, there is extensive information in a paper produced by a Canadian Morris side, the Vancouver Morris Men, at and information on their border dance traditions 

Old Wonder Not for Joes of Putley Mill, Herefordshire
Old Wonder Not for Joes were formed in 1988 by Dave Jones when he left Silurian. In 1986, Dave Jones discovered an old Pershore dancer, Bill Scarrott, from whom he had collected sufficient information to assemble a suite of Pershore dances. These were the dances on which Old Wonder concentrated. Bill Scarrott died in 1986, shortly after Dave Jones met him.  
Dave Jones died in 1991. Following Jones's death, Old Wonder effectively disbanded. 



E.C.Cawte (jour EFDSS, Dec 1963; MSS); RD (MSS of MK and CJS, and personal enquiry). The information is scanty and fragmentary. The only note on the music is that it included a drum.