Not a lot is known about the origins of the Leominster tradition, apart from the (unattributed) comment: The Music. 'They had various tunes, and did not sing during the dance'. Fiddle, melodeon; triangle and tambourine were also used. 

The current (Dec 2011) Leominster Morris website states: "Leominster Morris was last recorded as having danced in the very early part of the 20th century, when many of the traditions foundered, especially as a result of the First World War. They are described as having worn "print jackets." There is no other information, so our kit is an interpretation of the old, scant description. The current Leominster Morris was formed in 1983 by men who had danced in other sides, in particular Breinton Morris, but who found themselves living in and around the town, with a common desire to revive the old Leominster tradition."

Leominster Morris with their print jackets reconstruction

No abc tunes available here, but the following dances are mentioned (again, unattributed):

  1. The Stick Dance
  2. Three Jolly Black Sheepskins
  3. Bacca Pipes Jig mentioned in CJS field notes
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