The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs


Tiddy Hall memorial stone As was too often the case, the previously active Ascott morris side did not survive the first world war.  Among those lost in the trenches of France was Reginald Tiddy, an Oxford University colleague of Cecil Sharp and a member of Sharp’s display team.  He had moved to the village with his father and built, at his own expense, a Reading Room where educational activities and dance were enjoyed by the villagers.


2012 saw the centenary of Tiddy Hall, renamed in his memory after his death in 1916. Each year the Oxford University Morris Men exercise the right set out in a now lost document that “This Hall shall at all times be lent free of charge for any purpose connected with Morris dancing.”  The village continues to honour this tradition. He is also commemerated by a Blue Plaque.


The dances and tunes as listed in A Handbook of Morris Dances

  1. Balancy Straw (CJS MSS)
  2. The Black Joke (Williams MSS)
  3. The Banks of the Dee (Williams MSS)
  4. Valentine (From E. Spring, RD)
  5. Mrs Casey (Williams MSS)
  6. Boys of the Bunch (CJS MSS, but from North Leigh)
  7. Highland Mary (CJS MSS)
  8. Brighton Camp (Neal)
  9. Jockie To The Fair (jig) (CJS MSS)
  10. Shepherds' Hey (jig) (CJS MSS)
  11. Bacca Pipes (jig) (CJSS MSS)
  12. Highland May (jig) (RD)

GF (Sharp's MSS), TM (RW), and RD. RD's sources were Reg Tiddy's youths team (v) MSS of Williams (Oxford, ca. 1920). Sharp collected from Wm Pratley and the brothers Moss; Neal from Moss. There was an EFDS revival team under Priddy pre-1914 which included Arthur Longshaw and Ralph Honeybone. TM collected from Longshaw, RD from Honeybone, and OUMM from a Mrs. Jackson who knew the revival team. The information from these sources is not wholly consistent.

Dance tunes for this tradition

ABC Sheet music mp3
Bacca Pipes Binary Data ABC PDF icon PDF
Balancy Straw Binary Data ABC PDF icon PDF
Boys of the Bunch Binary Data ABC PDF icon PDF
Highland Mary Binary Data ABC PDF icon PDF
Jockie to the Fair Binary Data ABC PDF icon PDF
Mrs Casey Binary Data ABC PDF icon PDF
Shepherds' Hey Binary Data ABC PDF icon PDF
The Banks of the Dee Binary Data ABC PDF icon PDF
The Black Joke Binary Data ABC PDF icon PDF
Valentine Binary Data ABC PDF icon PDF