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The dances and tunes as listed in A Handbook of Morris DancesCharles Benfield from Bould,he played for Bledington,Fifield, Idbury, Longborough and Milton-under-Wychwood

  1. Hey Diddle Dis (Hey-Away) Jour 1932
  2. Young Collins, Jour 1934 CJS from Charles Benfield 1909 & Bond
  3. Young Collins, Jour 1934; and col. by TM from Benfield (Rollo Woods)
  4. Billy Boy (Constant Billy), TM, from Benfield (BC)
  5. Billy Boy (Constant Billy), RKS, from George Hathaway 1937
  6. Idbury Hill, BC (RKS from Benfield 1925)
  7. Maid of the Mill, BC (as sung to RKS by Benfield 1925)
  8. Morning Star, BC (RKS & DNK from Benfield 1925)
  9. Morning Star Alternative, BC (RKS & DNK from Benfield 1925)
  10. The Old Woman Tossed Up, CJS fro Bond (RD)
  11. The Old Woman Tossed Up, DK & RKS from Benfield (RD)
  12. The Old Woman Tossed Up, RKS from Hathaway (RD)
  13. Over the Water to Charlie, Jour 1934
  14. Over the Water to Charlie, Alternative B music
  15. Flowers of Edinburgh, CJS CD Tunes
  16. Gallant Hussar, MDT
  17. William and Nancy, MDT
  18. William & Nancy (fragments), G.E.P Hornblower from Hathaway (RD); CJS from Bond (RD) - B music only
  19. Bonnets o' Blue, Col. by TM fro Benfield (BC)
  20. General Monk's March,  CJS from Benfield (RD)
  21. General Monk's March, RKS from Hathaway (RD)
  22. General Monk's March, CJS from Bond
  23. Cuckoo's Nest, from Benfield (Rollo Woods)
  24. Trunkles, MDT
  25. Glorisher( Leap-frog, Hop-Frog), MDT
  26. Saturday Night, RKS MSS (BC)
  27. Princess Royal, from Michael Blandford, ex RKS collection
  28. Princess Royal, RKS from Hathaway 1937
  29. Lumps of Plum Pudding, MDT
  30. Ladies' Pleasure, MDT
  31. Highland Mary, Journ 1934 (RKS)
  32. Balance the Straw, Journ 1934 (RKS)
  33. Jockie to the Fair,RKS from Hathaway (RD)
  34. Jockie to the Fair, RKS (RD) (No C music recorded)
  35. Shepherds' Hey, BC (RKS from Hathaway)
  36. Black Joker, CJS from John Mason of Stow on the Wold
  37. Billy Boy, TM, from Benfield
  38. Billy Boy (alt), TM, from Benfield
  39. Maid of the Mill, CJS from Benfield 1909 (MSS)

MB V; Jour EFDSS; TM; RD. RD's additional sources were RKS' and Clive Carey's MSS. Sharp included reference to some Bledington dances in the first edition of MB III, where they were not distinguished from other traditions; he omitted them from the 2nd edition. They danced in 1923 to John Hitchman and later to Charles Benfield who Sharp, Macilwaine and Butterworth had interviewed and collected several dances. See also articles by RW in EDS (Winter '76 and Spring '77).