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The latest newsletter is Newsletter No. 124 December 2021 , published December 2021. File size is 2.03 MB.

Highlights include:

3 News from the Squire
5 From the Bagman’s Desk
6 Candidates for Squire of the Morris Ring
10 Letter from the Treasurer
11 Common questions on the Proposed New Constitution and Documents
12 Proposed Constitution
14 Proposed Meetings and Advisory Council Policy
19 Proposed Diversity and Inclusion Policy
21 Proposed Complaints Procedure
23 Proposed Safeguarding Commitment
24 Proposed Safeguarding Policy

All Newsletters

Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter 28 May 2003 386.53 KB The Newsletter - No. 28 – April / May 2003. the Squire has been much involved with meetings about the Public Entertainment Licence.More
Newsletter 27 January 2003 348.74 KB The Newsletter - No. 27 – January 2003. We welcome two new Associates: North British Sword Dancers, a well established Side of “no fixed abode” comprising invited dancers from a number of clubs. They...More
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter 26 December 2002 453.9 KB The Newsletter - No. 26 – December 2002. Firstly, a message from the Squire, Cliff Marchant, “I would like to wish all Sides a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year”. From the Treasurer, Steve...More
Newsletter 25 October 2002 416.84 KB The Newsletter - No. 25 – October 2002. This issue contains news of the deaths of seven Morris Men. Sadly, two died following Morris outings, Roy Taylor of Mayflower after a heart attack at the...More
Newsletter 24 July 2002 320.3 KB The Newsletter - No. 24 – July 2002. This Newsletter has been timed to save postage and coincide with the next issue of the Circular. Many of you will receive it at – or shortly after – the next two...More
Newsletter 23 April 2002 430.84 KB The Newsletter - No. 23 – April 2002. Congratulations to Cliff Marchant on his election as the next Squire of the Morris Ring. He will dance in and take over from Gerald Willey at the Bristol Ring...More
Newsletter 22 January 2002 299.46 KB The Newsletter - No. 22 – January 2002. A welcome to new Associates, Stourvale Mummers. They joined in October, but their welcome was overlooked by the Ring Bagman – apologies. They are closely...More
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter 21 December 2001 376.56 KB The Newsletter - No. 21 – December 2001. Welcome to new Associates, “The [Insert Name Here] Mummers” – from London.More
Newsletter 20 September 2001 536.6 KB The Newsletter - No. 20 – September 2001. NOTE: The 2002 ARM will be hosted by Stafford, at the Moreton Millennium Centre, Nr. Newport, SHROPSHIRE on 1st – 3rd March 2002. Further details herein...More
Newsletter 19 June 2001 473.27 KB The Newsletter - No. 19 – June 2001. As you will see none were gallant enough to relieve me of this burden at the ARM – so the Newsletter carries on under the same compiler – unless there are any...More
Newsletter 18 March 2001 355.78 KB The Newsletter - No. 18 – March 2001. With Foot and Mouth threatening events, we are sure you do not need reminding to consider the implications of any Tours or Dance Outs. Whilst our own “animals”...More
Newsletter 17 January 2001 475.96 KB The Newsletter - No. 17 – January 2001. Hopefully all are recovered from Christmas and New Year Festivities and associated seasonal dancing; mumming; wassailing and plough playing etc.More
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter 16 November 2000 592.05 KB The Newsletter - No. 16 – November 2000. This Newsletter will hopefully reach you well before Christmas; but even at this early date, may I wish you all a very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year...More
Newsletter 15 September 2000 338.61 KB The Newsletter - No. 15 – September 2000. First, a very warm welcome to our new Squire, Gerald Willey, who danced in at the Chalice Meeting. This Newsletter contains a letter from Gerald, outlining...More
Newsletter 14 July 2000 450.09 KB The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 14 – July 2000. Hopefully you are all having a fine season, with much good fellowship and full bags. I have enjoyed seeing many old friends at Ring Meetings, and at...More
Newsletter13 May 2000 544.43 KB The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 13 – May 2000. Hopefully, this is not an unlucky issue number. The dancing season is with us again. We have had another successful ARM, and we congratulate and welcome...More
Newsletter12 January 2000 391.36 KB The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 12 – January 2000More
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter 11 November 1999 423.53 KB The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 11 – November 1999. Firstly, a warm welcome to three new Associate Sides: Blue Anchor Morris from Helston, Cornwall; The Dunton Morris from Bedfordshire, and Ansty...More
Newsletter 10 September 1999 690.36 KB The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 10 – September 1999. This Newsletter contains messages from the Squire and Treasurer, as well as two Ring meeting reports. More
Newsletter 9 July 1999 392.07 KB The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 9 – July 1999. This mailing includes preliminary details of next year’s Ring Meetings. As mentioned at the ARM, we are asking Sides to make a fairly prompt choice and...More
Newsletter 8 May 1999 365.94 KB The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 8 – May 1999More
Newsletter 7 March 1999 574.73 KB Bagman's Newsletter 7 - Included in this Newsletter:- The Squire’s formats for the Ring Massed dances; Notes from the Treasurer on sales goods and the results of his sponsored slim; and a...More
Newsletter 6 January 1999 509.36 KB Bagman's Newsletter 6 - This first Newsletter of 1999 is my sixth and the final edition of the 1998/99 Season. The ARM in Bedford will soon [too soon] be upon us – I look forward to seeing many...More
Title Publication Size Summary
Newsletter 5 November 1998 712.77 KB Bagman's Newsletter 5. This final Newsletter of the 1998 season is somewhat longer [my apologies], but there are a number of matters that have to be covered [as well as the Bagman’s ramblings...More
Newsletter 4 November 1998 451.66 KB Bagman's Newsletter 4 - September 1998More
Newsletter 3 July 1998 407.69 KB This third Newsletter of the 1998 season includes the calling notice for the ARM; the call for nominations for the post of Bagman; the call for ARM resolutions and various other reminders.More
Newsletter 2 May 1998 263.52 KB Bagman's newsletter number 2 - May 1998More
Newsletter 1 March 1998 228.02 KB John Frearson's first Bagman's Newsletter covering the 1998 ARM hosted by Ravensbourne Morris Men and various other reportsMore