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An Après Morris Song Archive

Phil Carmichael when Icknield Way FoolMorris aficionado Phil Carmichael has put together in one 400+ volume an archive of lyrics to many of the best songs and ditties sung at ‘post dancing’ sessions, ales and other occasions.

Phil became involved with the Morris at 10 years of age and over the years has been an active dancer, enthusiastic musician with his piano accordion and someone who brought a great deal of young blood into the morris. He ran a small cottage industry making looms, braid and bell pads, has been a side's mummer playing every character and was a Fool for a decade.

This latter period was when he developed as a singer of rather quirky, humourous songs and when his passion for collecting 'morris friendly' lyrics really began.

Nowadays his drive is more cerebral than physical but devoted to researching and improving his growing archive so that the morris song can thrive and prosper, particularly in the typical après session.

Phil writes:

“An Après Morris Song Archive is well stocked with traditional English folk songs and sea shanties, Celtic titles, those of the post 1960’s revival, comic, parody, music hall, inevitable songs about ale and many chorus songs. Many have found their way into this collection after a consultation exercise started in 2006 when many sides up and down the land were given the latest version of the archive in exchange for the lyrics of worthy songs for the next edition. In this way I have tried to make it as broadly representative as possible. I hope that in the future it continues to evolve in this way. So if you download the latest archive from this web-site please send any contributions for the next version to archivephil [at]
In this way my labour of love will continue to reflect our wonderful and unique lyrical folk heritage.”

The archive comes in two parts; the cover in pdf, which includes Phil’s excellent introduction
> cover, inner, info, intro and index
and the archive itself - a 106 page pdf document to enable you to check whether your favourite songs are included
> An Après Morris Song Archive

Why should musicians have all the fun …enjoy!