This issue includes a major proposal for changes to the Morris Ring's constitution to be debated and voted on at the ARM of 10th March 2018...
2 Future Events
5 Morris Ring ARM 10th March 2018; nominations for Officers
7 Motion for Constitutional Change proposed for the ARM
8 Comments on the above proposal from the Squire of the Morris Ring
10 Questions and Answers on the proposed change to the Constitution
11 Consultation on the proposed change to the Ring Constitution
13 Morris Ring Massed Dances
14 Morris Ring Display Boards
15 Morris Ring Publications
16 Call for Contributions
17 Appendix 1: ARM application form
18 Appendix 2: Nomination letter for Squire of the Morris Ring
19 Appendix 3: Nomination letter for Treasurer of the Morris Ring
20 Appendix 4: Notification for the JMO Day of Dance
Publication date: 
January 2018