Robin Springett danced out and Adam Garland dances in at Dartington

The highlights of Newsletter No.91 include:

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3 Morris Ring under new management
4 Morris Ring Annual Subscriptions
5 EFDSS Malcolm Taylor Retires
6 80th Anniversary Shirts
7 JMO Appeal - Children in Need
8 Conference: More Morris, Better Morris, in schools and beyond.
9 Morris Ring Publications
10 MR Youth Fund Appeal
11 17th
-19th October – busy weekend:
 Fools & Beasts Unconvention
 Morris 18-30 Weekend
 Sat 18th Oct JMO Workshop Postponed
 Sun 19th Oct Morris Ring Advisory Council Meeting
13 2015 Event Diary - including information about MR Hosted
Meetings and instructionals
17 MR Squire’s Massed Dances for 2015
19 > MR Subscription and various Application Forms

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September 2014