The Minutes of the 2014 ARM are now available from the website (or electronically upon request from From them you will know that we welcome Adam Garland of East Suffolk MM as our Squire Elect...

The highlights of Newsletter No.89 include:

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2 Notes from the Bagman – including a welcome to Adam Garland –
MR Squire Elect
3 New Advisory Council
4 Reminders: MR Display Boards & Massed Dances for 2014
5 Find a Side up-date
Children in Need
6 Morris Ring Publications
7 Saturday 10th May JMO Day of Dance
8 Other events to mark the 80th Anniversary of Foundation of the
Morris Ring
Memorial to Stephen BfB Adamson
13 Calendar of all Feasts, Weekends and Days of Dance
14 Morris Ring 80th Anniversary Polo and Rugby Shirts.

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April 2014