Steve BFB Adamson, all round good bloke, Keeper of the Morris Shop, Ex Treasurer of the Morris Ring, skilled whistle / pipe player for Boar’s Head Morris, Great Yorkshire Morris, Green Oak and Jockey Morris or simply as Steve Adamson, died of bronchial pneumonia on Sunday 1st December...

The highlights of Newsletter No.87 include:

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2 Stephen Adamson 1955 – 2013 Funeral information
4 ARM Programme & Housekeeping
6 Provisional Agenda for Morris Ring ARM 2014
8 Candidates for the Post of MR Squire 2014-2016
9 Area Reps
10 Clogs & Clog Irons
Squire’s Massed Dances for 2014
12 Children in Need
13 Archives
14 Arthur Dexter of Foresters Morris
16 Morris Ring Publication Contact information
17 Events planned for 80th Anniversary of the Foundation of the
Morris Ring
20 Sword dance matters
21 ‘Chancs’ Morris on Fire!
22 An idea from East Surrey MM

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December 2013