Again the publication and distribution of this Newsletter has been delayed originally due to a lack of content (there is no point publishing for the sake of it) but more recently due to my waiting for information about the meetings planned for 2014. In the interim I have kept people up-to-date via...

The highlights of Newsletter No.86 include:

Page  Contents
2  Bagman’s comments
3  Elections
6  Museum of British Folklore
7  “Morris Dance filter”
10 Squire’s Massed Dances for 2014
11 News for the Sides
15 Up-dates from July Newsletter
17 Appeal for information: Dates & Events
18 Great Eastern Morris Workshop
27 ARM 2014 (ARM Application Form) 
30 Events marking 80th Anniversary of the Morris Ring
33 Morris Ring World Champion

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Publication date: 
October 2013