This Newsletter is rather later than anticipated but I delayed publication waiting for information about the meeting organised under the auspices of the Morris Ring planned for 2013. You will see that there are still gaps but I will forward additional information as soon as I receive it.

The highlights of Newsletter No. 81 include:

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4 SDU Spectacular at the Sage in Gateshead
6 The Lock Inn
8 Harry Mouswell (1931-2012)
9 Morris Shop Ramblings
10 Martin Westlake (1928-2012)
11 Blue Plaque for Reginald Tiddy
12 Reminder: Children in Need Appeal on behalf of JMO
12 Archives on the web
14 Live Music & Licensing
15 18-30 Morris in Yorkshire
18 Instructional: One Day Rapper with Winchester MM
19 Musicians Weekend 2013
20 Adelaide Meeting 2013
23 Dolphin Meeting
25 Martlett Meeting
27 Silkeborg Meeting
28 Fools & Beast Unconvention 2012 – last chance

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October 2012