The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 74

Along with the majority of our membership it was a joy for me to be able to put months of circular „political‟ debates leading up to the ARM behind me and concentrate on the dancing.

The highlights of Newsletter No. 74 include:

Page  Contents
2  Bagman‟s Musings
7  John Maher
7  EFDSS News
8  John Gasson Jig Competition
8  BBC Performing Art Fund
9  Thaxted North Aisle Appeal
9  SDU Annual Day of Dance & Tournament
10 Show off at a Ski Resort?
11 DERT 2012
11 ITV This Morning Garden Party
12 Report on Plumpton Festival of Traditional Dance for Primary Schools
12 Rapper Research. Appeal from Phil Heaton
15 Aspects of Performance: Call for papers
S16 KY1 Got to Dance Series 3 16
17 Interim Report from SW&W Area Rep.
19 Fools & Beasts Unconvention
20 London 2012
20 Dates of Future Meetings
21 Details of on-line links
21 Morris Shop Ramblings

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July 2011