The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 70

Thank You again to those who have contributed news and information for inclusion in this Newsletter. I asked for details of your Christmas / New Year programmes, and those that I have received are printed as Appendix Two at the end of this Newsletter. For future publication please let me have...

The highlights of Newsletter No. 70 include:

Page  Contents
2  Introduction
3  MR Squire‟s Up-date of impact of Equalities Act (2010) on MR
6  Draft Agenda for ARM 2011
8  ARM Explanatory Notes
9  Timetable for 2011 ARM Weekend
10 December & January at Cecil Sharp House
10 Treasurer‟s Notes
11 Morris Ring Facebook
12 Recruitment
13 Morris Ring Instructionals
15 Morris Shop Ramblings
17 Morris Ring Meetings 2011: Change of style for Wath-upon-Dearne meeting
18 Morris Ring Meetings 2012 & beyond
19 Use of Morris Ring Logo
19 And finally…….
20 Appendix One: Proposed adaptation of the EFDSS Proxy-voting policy
21 Appendix Two: Where to see Morris over the Christmas / New Year period
Appendix Three: Constitution of the Morris Ring
Morris Ring Jigs Instructional Application Form
JMO Personal Accident Cover Application Form

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Publication date: 
December 2010