Bagman's Newsletter 7 - Included in this Newsletter:- The Squire’s formats for the Ring Massed dances; Notes from the Treasurer on sales goods and the results of his sponsored slim; and a Summary of the Newsletter. Plus reports on the ARM and the Jigs Instructional - and lots more!! ...

The Seventh Newsletter includes:- 

REPORTS on: - The “social” side of the 1999 Annual Representatives Meeting [some 100 people attended]; The Archive Meeting, when some 50 persons attended and a fine selection of scrapbooks, diaries, photo albums and other memorabilia were on show; also the Jigs Instructional, where both Squire and Bagman suffered. 
LOST PROPERTY – ARM WEEKEND. Bedford still have a red sweater left in the Library. 
FROM THE TREASURER - Letchworth tapes are being transposed to Compact Disc. Some are already available. If used for practise dancing, they are so much easier than re-winding, just flick from track to track. The Sponsored Slim - proved a loss of 21 /2 stone, the Morris Archive should gain £386.65. 
THE DIRECTORY - Your Side should have received the 1999–2000 Ring Directory. 
FORTHCOMING EVENTS include: Sherborne Instructional – 1 st –3 rd October. Musicians’ Instructional – also October. Fools and Animals Instructional – last weekend in October. Jigs Instructional 2000 – January 2000. 
OVERSEAS MATTERS - John Maher, has had a request for exchanges with Greek Dance groups. He also reports on his visit to the AGM of the French folk organisation on our behalf 
WEB etc - The Directory includes E-mail numbers for some 100 Sides. Updated information on Email numbers and Website links can be found on 
YOUR PROGRAMMES – AND POSTERS – It is useful to have copies please. I will organise a few pints for the Sides that I consider have produced the best Programme and the best poster in 1999 – 2000. Results, and beer, at the ARM next year. 
YOUR NEWS - Icknield Way celebrate their 40 th anniversary; Saddleworth celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Dartington appeared on Jim Davidson's Generation Game; Helier instituted Wassailing Saturday; Plymouth danced in the centre lane of the M5; Coventry are planning a repeat of their Traditions Tour; Adlington taught the Venture Scouts dances for the World Jamboree in Chile. Geoff Thompson of Handsworth, is in touch from USA. Former members and supporters of City of Bangor Morris are invited to get in touch 
OUT AND ABOUT – The Bagman has visited Chalice; Silurian; Ripley’s Feast, which was joined by the BBC “Food and Drink” Programme; Isca; Bristol; Winchester’s Feast; Lichfield’s Ale; Cam Valley who are planning two trips to Lithuania; Aldbury’s Ale; and Icknield Way’s Ale.
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March 1999