The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 69

After months of work, coordinated by the immediate Past-Squire of the Morris Ring Brian Tasker the long talked of revised displays are almost ready. They were exhibited to members of the Advisory Council at their meeting in Packington on 3rd October.


 New Morris Ring Display materials

 New Squire enjoys first public events

 2012 Up-date

 Youth Fund

 View from the South West and Wales

 Report:Joint Organisations Recruitment Day

 Chalice Morris Dancers in Somerset elect Youngest Squire in the Country

 Treasurer's Notes

 Morris 18-30 Packington The 9th Annual Event, and the Biggest Yet!

 5000 Morris Dancers Take On The South Bank Centre

 Publications & Hastings Pier

 One Day Rapper Project on 8th January 2011 in Leicester

 Winster Morris Ale: Invitation

 The Castleford Ladies' Magical Circle

 ARM 2011 18th 20th February: Motions

 Morris Ring Instructionals (Jigs, Musicians)

 Details of 2011 Meetings of the Morris Ring

 Meetings - 2012 on

 Caption Competition

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October 2010