The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 61

It has been four months since the last Newsletter (No 60 ARM Special) because I have received no NEWS to share with you. I need you to let me have your news to pass on as I am certain that you don’t really want to simply read about what Leicester Morrismen have been doing! But I will share with you...

The highlights of this Newsletter include: 

Page   Contents

2  News – or rather lack of it
2  ARM Thanks / Elections / Archives /
Points arising from Newsletter No 60
4  Morris: A life with Bells on
4  Amplified Music
5  2009 MR Meetings
5  MR Membership Database
5  The Illustrious of Fools & Beasts 2009 Unconvention
Messages from the Squire:
6  4th Trafalgar Square Plinth
6  Morris Ring 75th Anniversary Youth Fund
7  Treasurers’ Notes
8  Morris Ring Shop Ramblings
9  EFDSS News
9  Morris 18-30
10 John Gasson Jigs Competition
10 Museum of British Folklore
11 Bob Russell MP’s Early Day Motion
11 Cultural Olympiad
13 Morris Dancers Banned from Primary School (Daily Mail)
13 Bledington Workshop – invitation from Open Morris
14 Forest of Dean MM supporting the Wildlife Heritage Foundation
15 Future Dates

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July 2009