The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 60 ARM Special

ARM 2009 Special

The highlights of this Newsletter include:

Page   Contents
2  Morris in the Media: Young Colin
3  ARM Housekeeping
4  ARM Welcome message from the Squire
5  JMO Showcase event: Nottingham Revels 28th March 2009
5  Norris “Win” Winstone honoured
6  Massed Dances: Bacon & Letchworth CD references
7  Morris 18-30 Who are they and an invitation
Annual Representatives’ Meeting
8  Programme for the weekend
Open invitation to Chris Harris’ “Kemps Jig”
11 ARM Agenda - including
Reports to ARM
33 Nomination for the post of Treasurer
36 EFDSS News
36 Cultural Olympiad
37 John Gasson Jigs – appeal for photographs
38 Fools and Animals Unconvention 2009
39 A new brew
39 The Sephton Candlestick
39 Morris: A life with bells on. Film Review
40 Good Easter Molly
43 Future Dates 

Publication date: 
February 2009