The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 59

On behalf of my fellow Officers of the Morris Ring may I wish you a Happy Christmas and a peaceful 75th Anniversary of the Morris Ring 2009. Charlie Corcoran

The highlights of this Newsletter are:

Page   Contents
2  Massed Dances and their music
4  3  Annual Representatives’ Meeting
Information about Chris Harris’ “Kemps Jig”
6  ARM Agenda (and advance request for Reports)
8  Joint Morris Organisations: Nottingham Revels 28th March 2009
8  EFDSS News
10 Francis Shergold (1919-2008) A Tribute by Paul Reece
11 Cultural Olympiad
11 2009 Meetings of Morris Ring
11 Treasurer’s ramblings
12 Who’s going to which meeting?
12 Saddleworth Rushcart 2009
13 Jigs Instructional 2009
13 2009 Rapper and Longsword Tournaments
14 Redcar Sword Dancers triumphant again
14 Morris in the Media – Marks for trying?
16 Future Dates
Application Forms:
19 Jigs Instructional
20 Morris Ring Meetings

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December 2008